Oxford Brookes University is a leading higher education institution located in the heart of Oxford, England. It’s a new and modern university, officially gaining its university status in 1992. Overall, it has a great reputation when it comes to teaching and employability – two important factors to consider when asking whether Oxford Brookes is a good university. Read on to find out more about Oxford Brookes and how it stands up to the infamous University of Oxford.

Overview of Oxford Brookes University

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Oxford Brookes University is a polytechnic university located in Headington, Oxford. It gets its name from John Henry Brookes, who was the first principal and contributed to its development. It welcomes just under 17,000 students to its four campuses, who study at one of the four departments. These include Oxford Brookes Business School, Health and Life Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Technology, Design and Environment. Another fun fact about Oxford Brookes is that it was the first university in the world to gain Fairtrade Status. This means the university contributes towards Fairtrade practices, whether it’s raising awareness about Fairtrade benefits or using Fairtrade products.

What rank is Oxford Brookes University?

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Ok, so it may not be Oxford University, but Oxford Brookes ranks pretty well overall. In University League Tables 2023, Oxford Brookes university ranks 45th out of 130 UK unis. It’s particularly good for its graduate on-track prospects and student-to-staff ratio, ranking at 23rd for both. While Oxford Brookes is a good university when looking at UK rankings, it currently comes in 601-800th in the Times Higher Education world rankings. So, this is something students should think about. Bear in mind, Times Higher Education ranks 1500+ universities around the world, so 600-801 isn’t as bad as it sounds. If you look at QS World Rankings, Oxford Brookes ranks 438, and they rank at least 1,000 universities.

Is Oxford Brookes better than Oxford University?

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Oxford University

Oxford Brookes University and the University of Oxford are two highly-regarded higher education institutions located in the city of Oxford, England. Both universities have a well-respected reputation, but they have different strengths and offer different experiences to students. Oxford Brookes is a modern institution, however, Oxford is world-famous and the oldest university in the UK. Oxford University is hugely competitive, and most likely, delivers a more intense workload, which is something to consider for prospective students.

The University of Oxford is also globally renowned for its academic excellence and research opportunities. However, Oxford Brookes ranks fairly well for graduate on-track outcomes, in 23rd place among UK unis. Oxford Brookes University is a modern university with a focus on practical, career-oriented education. With a strong focus on preparing students for the workplace, Oxford Brookes offers a range of courses that are relevant to the needs of the modern job market.

You might question if Oxford Brookes is a good university when comparing it to the University of Oxford, but they both have their own strengths. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on a student’s individual needs and goals. For students who are interested in a traditional, intellectually challenging academic experience, the University of Oxford may be the best choice. For students who are focused on practical, career-oriented education, Oxford Brookes may be a better fit.

Ultimately, both universities are excellent higher education institutions and offer students a high-quality education. The choice between Oxford Brookes and the University of Oxford will depend on a student’s individual needs, goals and preferences. Regardless of which university a student chooses, they are sure to receive a top education and gain valuable skills and experiences that will set them up for success in their future careers.

How easy is it to get into Oxford Brookes University?

The acceptance rate of Oxford Brookes University varies each year and can be affected by many factors such as the number of applicants, the competitiveness of the courses, and the academic profile of the applicants. As of my knowledge cutoff in 2021, Oxford Brookes does not publicly disclose its official acceptance rate. However, you can contact the university directly for more information about its current acceptance rate and admissions process.

So, is Oxford Brookes a good university?

Is Oxford Brookes a good university

One of the biggest benefits of studying at Oxford Brookes is the quality of education. The university has a strong focus on academic excellence and offers a range of courses across many different disciplines. Its attention to employability is something to consider, where it ranks pretty well for graduates.

Another reason why Oxford Brookes is a good university is its location. Oxford is a historic and vibrant city, and studying at Oxford Brookes means that students will be at the heart of this exciting and dynamic community. With a rich cultural scene, excellent transport links and plenty of opportunities for student activities, Oxford is the perfect place to study and live.

From academic support and career services to health and wellbeing resources, Oxford Brookes has everything students need to succeed, which no doubt is why it’s considered a good university. In addition, the university has a thriving student community, with many opportunities for students to get involved in clubs and societies, and make new friends.