Recruitment agencies can be an incredibly useful tool for a student. Whether you’re looking for a part-time job during your studies or your first job after graduation, a recruitment agency could be what you’re looking for. It can be much easier to use than a regular job-finding site. Essentially, recruitment agencies act as a middle man between employers and employees. Employers come to them looking to fill new roles, the agencies provide them with the best candidates on their books, and you get an interview (and hopefully a job!). While they may be better for some industries than others, they’re still useful tools to consider while trying to find a job. So, you may be wondering: which recruitment agency is the best in the UK for students? That’s where I come in. While this is not an extensive list, these are some of the best recruitment agencies for students in the UK. 

Graduate Recruitment Bureau

Graduate Recruitment Bureau
Source: Graduate Recruitment Bureau

The company’s name is rather self-explanatory. This agency specialises in finding graduate jobs in a wide number of sectors. You’re assigned a sector-specific expert who will be able to not only provide you with career advice but also match you to specific roles. Over 1 million students and grads have trusted their agency since 1997, so clearly they’ve done something well. The agency can help you to find internships or placement years, so they’re useful to check out no matter what stage of your degree you’re at. 



Adecco recruitment agency
Source: Adecco Group

Adecco is one of the biggest recruitment agencies in the entire world. With nearly 60 branches in England, two in Scotland and Wales and one in Northern Ireland, it could be pretty easy to visit a branch in person, should you need to. Adecco covers pretty much every industry, with full-time jobs and temp work available. Some of the top businesses they work with include Amazon, Cambridge Assessment and Uber. Plus, as they are a global agency, you could even use them to find a job abroad, if that’s something that would interest you. 


At Your Service

At Your Service recruitment agency
Source: LinkedIn

Any hospitality agency is perfect if you’re a student in the middle of your degree. It’s the perfect way to earn some money when you have the time while learning some useful skills that could transfer into a full-time job in the summer, or even just useful skills for life. At Your Service is one of the leading hospitality agencies in the country. Since its creation in 1992, it has provided more than a million workers to over 125,000 events. It only has two regional branches in London and Oxford, but, as with many other agencies, it’s very easy to apply and book shifts online. This agency would be perfect if you live in or around London, Reading, Guilford or Oxford. 


Student Employment Services

Student Employment services
Souce: Student Employment Services

Another pretty self-explanatory name. Student Employment Services (SES) is an agency that specialises in student and grad internships, student placements and grad jobs across the UK and Ireland. It connects students and grads to all kinds of businesses, from startups to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to large corporations. Whether you’re looking for an internship, a placement or a grad job, this could be the perfect agency for you. 

Give a Grad a Go

Gainsborough Studios, South Studio D, 1 Poole St, London N1 5EE

Give A Grad A Go best recruitment agencies for students
Source: Give A Grad A Go

Based in London, this agency has partnered with over 800 companies, providing a large pool of opportunities. They give guidance on improving CV’s, working on interview techniques and figuring out your ideal career. They have helped kickstart over 4000 graduate’s careers.

Wiser Graduates

Wiser Graduates, best recruitment agencies for students
Source: Wiser Graduates

Likewise, Wiser graduates is know as one of best recruitment agencies for students, and for good reason.  Wiser Graduates work with a wide range of brands, including L’Oréal, Just Eat and Worldpay. The UK branch is based in London, but they operate over a wide area of Europe. They specialise in the Sales, Finance, Consumer and Commercial markets. If you register with them, they will have a specialist consultant reach out and contact you. The consultants guide and help you find a suitable career.

Bright Network

Source: Bright Network

With a network of over 600,000 members, they offer support throughout university and beyond. Also based in London, Bright Network work with a large variety of companies and recruiters, including the Civil Service, Amazon, BBC and the Bank of England. Their website has very user friendly interface, making it easy for you to search for the opportunities you want. Their service is free and includes consistent support and advice.

So, now you know the best recruitment agencies for students in the UK. While this isn’t a definitive list, I think that these four are some of the best in the country. This, of course, depends on both your degree and where you’re at within it, but these four are all great options. 

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