15 hilarious excuses people have used to skip uni

Waking up on a cold morning, it can be tempting to roll over and miss the day.

And for some — if not most — the reasons people find to skip a lecture can be piss poor.

Here are the most hilarious excuses we’ve found.


Can you use seshin as an excuse for not goin uni cos I just had a nose bleed and I feel like that’s good enough— Slamber (@ambeeeerlily) 22 January 2018


I’m not ready to go back to uni I’m afraid, so not goin— Liv Gray (@olivegrayxx) 6 January 2018


I swear every time I attend a lecture I am reminded why I skip them— laura ellis (@lauraa_ellis) 19 January 2018


My inner hooded Kermit is telling me to skip lecture— Je§ (@jessicca98) 18 January 2018


is it acceptable to skip a hour and a half lecture to go shower and do laundry? asking for a friend— kendra (@kaswenny) 18 January 2018


me deciding to skip my 8am lecture as if I haven’t skipped for the last 6 weeks https://t.co/dx7e4sARbD— Jesse 🚮 (@ughxjesse) 11 January 2018


Is it too early in the term to skip a lecture cause I’m sleepy— Casper 🌸 (@lenaIuthorr) 4 January 2018


I unknowingly made it a tradition to skip the last lecture every Thursday🤔— Luna ☾ (@HiItsLuna) 4 January 2018


I’m hoping it snows loads tonight so I can skive off uni tomorrow— Charlotte (@x_Charlotte_k) 17 January 2018


a just can’t force maself to go to uni when a don’t want to— laura (@mcclellannd) 22 January 2018


Mum told me to swerve uni to go shopping with her so obviously I have to listen to her 🙄 can’t be disrespectful and say no— Vee (@vaishali_paul) 12 January 2018


Uni was fun for a day but Bobs Burgers is on Netflix so I guess I can’t go anymore:/ oh well 🤷🏻‍♀️— Sarah Roy (@sarahecsplojian) 12 January 2018


“Absolutely not. You heard that wind. I’m staying here.
I’ll sh*t tomorrow.” pic.twitter.com/VGlwP8Kn6r— Lin-Manuel Miranda (@Lin_Manuel) 4 January 2018


Any excuse is used to swerve uni, woke up cold & that is me not going in :/ y am I like this :/— Kristel Robinson (@kristelrobinso_) 30 October 2017

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