10 of the best bars in Brighton

Brighton is a seaside town with everything to offer. Including some really great bars. But there’s so many of them, that you may not know which to visit. Well, here are the best bars in Brighton.

1. Hobgoblin 

Best Bars in Brighton, Hogblin
Source: Hobgoblin Brighton Facebook

Located just out of the city centre, off of London Road, Hobgoblin has an award-winning beer garden and everything to go with it. From vodka slushies, DJs, retro gaming tables and a photo-booth, to famous dough balls. Plus, they offer a student discount on certain spirits and beers. They also run various promotions like Lemon Wednesdays (bring a lemon, get a free corona), Tequila Tuesdays (99p for a tequila shot), and Candy Thursday (99p flavoured vodka shots).

2. Miss Fitzherbert’s

Best Bars in Brighton, Miss Fitzherberts
Source: Brighton Restaurant Awards

Named after a woman who supposedly is Brighton’s ‘original cougar’, Fitzherbert’s is located by the famous Brighton Dome. They sell a range of fantastic cocktails at 2 for £10. They also sell Franco Manca pizza and burgers from Burger Brothers. The bar has some seating indoors, with neon lights and peculiar art pieces to build the atmosphere, and then seats and heaters out the front too. Plus they have a cocktail sharer that comes in teacups!

3. Brighton Music Hall 

Best Bars in Brighton, Brighton Music Hall
Source: Brighton Music Hall

Open all year round on the seafront with benches for you and your groups, Brighton Music Hall offers a range of pub food and great drinks… all accompanied by live music! Whether you want topped chips and a coke, or a Pimm’s and some jagerbombs, you’re in luck. All alongside a beach view and a busy enough area to people watch ’til closing!

4. Revolution 

Best Bars in Brighton, Revolution
Source: Design My Night

Revs is found on West Street, and has a whole range of things to keep you entertained. During the day, Revolution is a bar/restaurant, with a whole range of amazing cocktails and handcrafted vodka flavours. In the evening, the tables get moved back, and the bar becomes one big dance floor! Then you have the beer garden, where you can enjoy a range of shisha flavours too.

5. The Tempest Inn

Best Bars in Brighton, The Tempest Inn
Source: Tempest

With great views, bottomless brunches and a range of drinks, as well as seafood, The Tempest Inn is definitely one of the best bars in Brighton. That is why it is always buzzing, full of people getting their drink on next the beautiful beach. They’ve got loads of space for you and your friends to sit, and you’ll be moments away from some of the best clubs in Brighton if you want to keep the night going.

6. The Mesmerist 

Best Bars in Brighton, The Mesmerist
Source: The Mesmerist

With a full menu, and then a huge range of drinks too, the Mesmerist is a great bar for both drinking, or a meal out. With a calm and cozy atmosphere and a location near all the other bars and clubs, you’re in the centre of all of the action!

7. Sidewinder 

Best bars in Brighton, Sidewinder
Source: Sidewinder

With loads of seating both indoor and outdoor, and a great atmosphere to go along with it, Sidewinder has earned its place on the list. The bar has a photo booth and heaters in a gorgeous little beer garden, as well as pub quizzes and occasional live music!

8. The World’s End

Best Bars in Brighton, The World's End
Source: The World’s End

Video game themed food, great drinks (including lots and lots of Kraken rum) and an arcade?! What more could you want? Oh yeah, a great atmosphere and an easy to find location? The World’s End has those too. Plus, they’re dog friendly, so you, your friends, and your pooches can go and have fun!

9. Dead Wax Social

Best Bars in Brighton, Dead Wax Social
Source: Design My Night

Dead Wax does fantastic pizzas and plays exclusively vinyl music. They have hundreds of records to choose from if you want to ask them to put one on, or you can take your own! They have a full range of draught beers, and even offer a few student deals on their drinks. The bar is quite small, but it is definitely worth a visit.

10. Patterns

Best Bars in Brighton, Patterns
Source: Design My Night

Patterns is located on the promenade and is a huge building. As well as their free doughnuts clubs nights, and basement gigs, they offer a huge range of drinks and a rooftop terrace to enjoy them on!

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