Going to university is one of the biggest adventures of your life, and you’ve made a great decision taking it in Bath! It’s a lovely university town that is both gorgeous to look at and packed full of great bars and restaurants. As the next step, you’ll probably be looking for cheap student accommodation in Bath. Let’s take a look at some of the best options when it comes to Bath student accommodation, from halls of residence to off-campus flatshares.

The best student letting agents in Bath

Fresh Student Living

A family-owned letting agency that specialises in student rentals and covers student housing in Bath of all kinds across the whole city, Fresh student lets goes from single occupancy all the way to large twelve-person houses. As a result of their student focus, they have a great deal of knowledge on student needs, and won’t treat you like an annoyance or a money pit.

Roman City Property

Thanks to generations of letting student houses in Bath and the surrounding area, Aquarius have in depth knowledge of each location within town and its positives and negatives for students. They also pride themselves on their customer service, being helpful and trustworthy, so students can feel safe they’re not being led astray.

Zest Estate Agents

Simply regarded as one of the best estate agents of any kind in Bath. Voted best Estate Agent in Bath 2017, 2018 & 2019, they cover all types of sales and lettings including student housing in Bath, and are renowned for their high quality selection of student properties.

Peter Moore Student Lets

Peter Moore is another Bath student housing company that specialise in getting students the homes they need. With years of industry experience they know all about how to tailor Bath student letting to your needs, responding to maintenance and other requests quickly and fairly.

The best student halls in Bath

Bath student accommodation halls benefit from being comparatively modern, versus other university towns of a similar size, so you’ll have plenty of great options to choose from. Here are a few of the best:

The Quads

Price: from £178 per week

Not the cheapest Bath student accommodation, but widely regarded as the best. The Quads is modern and clean whilst being well located for the universities and the city alike. Combining large kitchen and social areas with high specification fixtures and fittings throughout.

Woodland Court

Price: from £185 per week

Famous for the size of its rooms and social spaces, Woodland Court is good value for money if you value your space and storage areas, and it’s nice and close to the centre of town. It’s also a relatively modern set of buildings, so the quality of accommodation is high too.

Norwood House

Price: from £117 per week

Bath student accommodation can be spread all over town, so if you’d prefer the campus right on your doorstep then Norwood House is your answer. While Norwood House is older and lacks some of the creature comforts of other blocks, it’s extremely close to the university and the shops and it can also be much cheaper than many alternatives.

The cheapest student halls in Bath

One of the best things about living in Bath as a student is that there is a great variety of accommodation, with something in just about every price range. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the cheaper options available:


Price: £140 per week

While these 51 Bath student houses are getting a little long in the tooth they still have their perks, not least the price, and a room can be had for as little as 72 pounds a week. They are also famous for their convivial atmosphere and strong community whilst also being centrally located for good access to campus.

John Wood Court

Price: from £140 per week

While the price is the same as Eastwood for a much more modern halls of residence, there are some trade offs. Being off-campus means a 30-minute bus ride to the university, but being in the city centre means there are plenty of shops and facilities in the area to make up for it.

Brendon Court

Price: from £140 per week

Another of Bath’s older halls of residence, but what Brendon Court lacks in looks it makes up for in convenience and social ambience. Mere feet from The Parade at the heart of campus, and for an affordable 140 pounds a week, considering it is a catered hall. Renowned for its social life thanks to its size and proximity to amenities.

The best areas to live in Bath as a student

While halls are great for the first year, second year students need to spread their wings and find a new part of town to live in. Luckily, there are plenty of great places full of student housing and amenities to choose from!

Oldfield Park

If you’re looking for furnished student accommodation in Bath, this is the real hub. With everything from home lets to full student houses, Oldfield benefits from a great range of shops and pubs, open spaces and even handy bus routes to other parts of town.


If you’re looking for cheap student accommodation in Bath then Twerton is a good option too. While it’s 30 minutes’ walk from the centre of town it does have its own amenities such as shops and pubs, while it also has several good bus routes that can shorten the distance handily.

Combe Down

Another area popular with students, Combe Down is its own little town all to itself thanks to the useful services on the high street, whilst also being close to the University of Bath. Buses take about 20 minutes to get into town, while the housing here suits student living with plenty of terraces and flats.

Finding a student house in Bath

Thanks to the great range of accommodation on offer finding a student house in Bath is an easy job – the problem is the choice! Bath student houses come in all shapes and sizes, and throughout a range of great neighbourhoods, and the best advice we can give is to find a good student letting agent to help you navigate the hurdles, so you can have a great time living in the city wherever you choose to go!