If you’ve applied to university this year, you’ll know that the ever-terrifying A-Level results day is fast approaching. If, on that day, you end up using clearing (for whatever reason that may be), you might find yourself stressing out about how to look for accommodation in clearing. We’re here to help! Here’s how to apply for clearing accommodation.

Wait until you’ve got a confirmed place

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You don’t need to run around like a headless chicken whilst you contact and apply for new courses. Do that first, then worry about the accommodation. Most universities keep a select number of accommodation rooms available for clearing students. You will get given the information from your university of choice once you’ve got a confirmed place.

Time is of the essence

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Since you’re not the only person dashing to the clearing portal on results day, it’s important to get a place on a course relatively fast. Not only to ensure you get the course you want, but the sooner you’ve got that confirmed, the sooner you can sort your accommodation.

Universities usually have a portal for their accommodation, wherein they’ll ask students to list their top 3 choices. So the sooner you have a place and get access to this portal, the more likely you’ll be able to secure a spot in your top choice.

Don’t panic

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Results day is manic. It feels like pure chaos, and university admin teams know this. There will be people on hand to help you with everything from getting on the course and accessing the accommodation portal, to joining the fresher’s Facebook groups.

If you’ve got any concerns, or you’re struggling, reach out to your universities accommodation team.

Decisions, decisions, decisions

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Whilst time is against you, you’ve still got to make sure you choose somewhere that you’ll be happy to live in for the next year. That means doing some research and considering the location, the cost, any access requirements, what the rent covers, and taking a look at the terms and conditions.

It may also be worth considering how many people you want to live with, whether you want a private bathroom, how important all-inclusive is to you, do you want an on-site security team? What about social spaces? These are all things that can drastically affect your experience in accommodation and are worth taking a moment to think on.

Are you guaranteed accommodation?

Universities such as Aberystwyth, Cardiff, De Montfort and Northumbria guarantee accommodation to all their clearing students. Other universities will help you to either apply to their own accommodation or through private halls, or perhaps through systems like UniLets.