If you’re currently in your first year of university in Nottingham, you may have already sorted your house for next year. Homes, particularly in the nicer areas of the city, go like hotcakes and most students have their deposits paid by the start of the second term (unless you’re really unorganised). However, if you haven’t sorted your house out yet or you’re thinking about studying in Nottingham in the future, then this list may be helpful for you. Here are Unifresher’s rankings of the best areas to live in the city if you’re a second- or third-year university student.

The city centre

This may seem a bit obvious but honestly, the city centre is the place to be for students. With everything at walking distance, Nottingham city centre is the perfect size meaning you’re never far away from anywhere you want to go. The Aldi next to the Victoria Centre is right on your doorstep for all your food needs and midnight snaking (not forgetting the many Tesco Extras and mini Sainsburys), and you’ll be less than a 10-minute walk away from most of the nightclubs.

If you go to (or are planning on going to) Nottingham Trent University, the city centre is probably the best area to live, particularly if you’re studying on the city campus. However, a lot of students who go to the University of Nottingham and other Nottingham Trent campuses also choose to live in the centre because of the excellent travel links. City centre living offers the best of both worlds, in our opinion.

The Arboretum

If you stopped any Nottingham Trent second or third-year student in the street and asked them where they were living, the majority would say The Arboretum. The Arboretum is probably the most popular choice among Trent students, probably due to the short walking distance to the university and the student’s union. There is a high crime rate in the area, but this is quickly forgotten when the sun comes out, and the students flock to The Arboretum park with their cans of dark fruits.

The Arboretum is unashamedly full of Trent students, so people who study at the University of Nottingham may choose to find their perfect second/third-year house elsewhere. The rent in this area of Nottingham is usually pretty low compared to the city centre, averaging out at around £110 per person per week (depending on how many people you choose to live with). So, if you and your mates are watching your pennies, a house in The Arboretum area should definitely be considered.

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This is one for all those University of Nottingham students out there. While Trent students have The Arboretum, University of Nottingham students have Lenton, and that’s the way it’ll probably always be (and has been). Lenton is situated perfectly in walking distance next to the Jubilee campus of the university and has an abundance of shops, pubs and even two affordable cinemas close by (Showcase Cinema de Lux Nottingham and The Savoy). Just in case you fall into the clumsy student category or have one too many drinks on a night out, Lenton is also luckily home to The Queen’s Medical Centre Hospital, and the scenic Wollaton Park is nearby.

The only negative of living in Lenton is that you’re a bit further from the city centre when you want a shopping trip, or when you want to go on a last-minute night out. Fortunately, buses go from the area to the city centre regularly, with some also running late at night so there is no need to stress.

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West Bridgford

If you’re feeling like a fancier way of living, then West Bridgford might be the area for you. Notoriously nicer than the city centre and other surrounding areas, West Bridgford is a popular choice for students from both universities. The area is home to some of the best things in life: Nottingham Forest Football Club, cosy pubs and restaurants and a rather large Asda. Cricket fans will be pleased to know that West Bridgford is also home to the Trent Bridge Cricket Ground where England play their Test matches.

Even though West Bridgford is a little bit nicer than other areas, it’s not as close to the city centre (a problem solved yet again by public transport). Rent is around the same price as other areas, averaging at around £110-£120 per person per week.

West Bridgford
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The Park

The Park is probably the most picturesque area out of the lot. This private, gated community is powered by gas lamps, and with the excellent architecture, you wouldn’t think that it’s an area students often choose for their second or third-year house. Yet, the reasonable rent prices and the closeness to the city centre make The Park a great choice, particularly for quieter students who maybe don’t hold a house party every other night. Most of the residents at The Park are not students, but that doesn’t mean it should be disregarded as an option.

The park in nottingham
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Last Updated on June 9, 2024