Trying to figure out where to live in Liverpool? Luckily for you the city has a range of student accommodation to suit nearly all needs. To help you find the perfect accommodation, we’ve put together the best student halls in Liverpool!

To help you along the way, these are the best halls in Liverpool.

University of Liverpool

Prospect Point

More than 600 students get to live at Prospect Point, so you will never be short on someone to talk to. A classic en-suite costs £117 a week, but a premium en-suite is £129 a week. (These are based on accommodation for the 2022/23 academic year.) Whereas a premium studio is £179 and has a double bed, unlike other rooms which just have a 3/4 bed. Prospect Point also has bike storage, common areas, an outdoor social space, and car parking on-site for an additional charge.

Crown Place

Crown Place liverpool
Source: University of Liverpool

Crown Place is located right in the city centre, so it’s perfect for first-year students. Each room has an en-suite with a shower and wifi, which is essential for any student. You can choose a single room for £159 per week, a deluxe room for £166 per week, a deluxe studio for £191 per week or even a large studio suite for £203 per week. All the accommodation is self-catered thanks to their shared kitchens, and they also have accessible rooms for students with any mobility issues and facilities for any students who need a live-in carer. There is also a cleaning service to help you keep the kitchen and lounge area clean.

Greenbank Student Village

The Greenbank Student Village is suitable for all students, whether you’re a first-year or a final year student. It’s located in the city’s historic parkland grounds and has its own huge on-site gym. There are three types of rooms available, which include a premier room for £182 per week or a premier studio for £202 per week. These prices are based on accomodation for the 2022/23 academic year.

Melville Grove

Melville Grove liverpool
Source: University of Liverpool

Located in the city centre is Melville Grove, which is one of the most popular gated student residences. All of the rooms are fully furnished with shared washing facilities, shared kitchens and have high-speed broadband. A single room costs £147 per week, and a double room costs £154 per week. The accommodation also has a secure area for bike storage.

Philharmonic Court

Every room at Philharmonic Court has wifi and an en-suite with a shower and washbasin. The court also has shared kitchen and lounge areas, a launderette, secure bike storage and social spaces with gaming consoles and ping pong. A premier room costs £182 per week, and a premier room plus costs £188 per week. However, if you aren’t up for sharing a kitchen, you should think about one of their studios which have a self-contained kitchen and living area. A premier studio costs £203 per week, and a premier studio apartment costs £227 per week.

Liverpool John Moores University

St Andrew’s Gardens


There are more than 300 bedrooms at St Andrew’s garden. Plus, if you want to bring your car with you into the city, then it’s one of the few student accommodations to offer parking.  Spaces are limited though and cost an additional £220 a year. They have a huge selection of rooms, with all of their bronze rooms having single beds and silver and gold rooms having small double beds.


The Marybone accommodation is huge, with nearly 900 bedrooms on the site, which is why it has been split into three parts, all of which have access to a free gym, games rooms, and group study rooms. All flats in Marybone 1 have shared bathrooms, usually two for every six rooms. All of the bedrooms here also have hand washbasins and small double beds. Marybone 1 also has the cheaper rooms, all of which have a 42-week contract and are £80 per week. All of the flats in Marybone 2 have en-suite bathrooms, and all of the flats were completely refurbished in 2015, so they are still pretty new. The rooms in Marybone 2 are £125 per week, and every 5 or 6 rooms will have a shared kitchen and living area with a tv. Whereas all of the rooms in Marybone 3 have double beds and private en-suites, you can also choose a longer contract of 50 weeks for £115 per week if the 42-week contract at £125 a week isn’t long enough.

Hardman House

Hardman House liverpool
Liverpool John Moores University

There are more than 350 en-suite bedrooms in Hardman House, all of which have a shared lounge and kitchen area. A premium en-suite room costs £145 per week.  Contracts are 42 weeks long, and they require an initial deposit of £150. There is wifi in each bedroom with a typical bandwidth of 50MB, but you can upgrade to 250MB for £6 a month.

Grenville Street

The Grenville Street site is located in Liverpool’s Chinatown, and has more than 200 bedrooms, all of which have wifi and small double beds. Contract length for rooms are the standard 42 weeks, and room prices start at £132 per week. All of the flats have a shared kitchen and living area with a TV, which are usually shared between 5 or 6 bedrooms.


Glassworks has over 300 bedrooms and several different types, some with double beds, en-suites and different facilities. Each room also has free wifi, and there is a gym and a launderette on site. All of the contract lengths are 42 weeks each, and rooms start at £151 per week.

Glassworks liverpool
Liverpool John Moores University

Those are our top picks for the best student halls in Liverpool. Hopefully, this list will help relieve the stress that comes with prepping for university! Alternatively, you can also take a look at our list of the top student accommodation providers in the UK.

Last Updated on May 20, 2024