Looking for a student property to rent in Leicester? You’ve come to the right place to start looking – these are some of the top student letting agencies in Leicester. Many of the agencies on this list have properties in a variety of student areas, catering for both of Leicester’s universities. It can be nerve-wracking, trying to find a rental property for the first time, but this article will give you a solid starting point for finding your perfect student house.

1. Leicester Student Lettings

Specialising in student lettings, LSL is a favorite among student renters. They have properties close to both universities in Leicester, as well as to the hospital for medical students and close to town. Their website contains a lot of support for their tenants, including information for before you move in, like deposits, important dates and rent. They also have advice for moving in, early release, moving out and renewing your house contract for another year. They let lots of studio flats in particular, so this agency is a great starting point if you are living alone or with a small household.

Address: 142 Charles Street, Leicester, LE1 1LB

Phone: 0116 255 1333

Email: info@leicesterstudents.co.uk

Website: https://www.leicesterstudents.co.uk/

2. First4

The first thing you will come across on First4’s website for students is a handy guide to renting as a student, including a step-by-step to renting with them. The process is simple and made much more understandable by this great guide. They also have a filter on their property search for location, with properties in Clarendon, Knighton, Evinton and in the category ‘near to UoL/DMU’. The majority of maintenance and forms are online too – definitely easier having everything in one place that is quickly accessible!

Address: 163 Clarendon Park Rd, Leicester, LE2 3AJ

Phone: 0116 270 6000

Email: info@first4lettings.co.uk

Website: http://www.first4lettings.co.uk/

3. Keywest 

Although not every property let by Keywest is a student property, their website declares their dedication to finding a student property suitable for a range of needs, sizes and budgets. Their online reviews and feedback are generally positive and cite helpful staff when looking for less common house sizes and locations. As stated in the ‘student lettings’ section of their website, your best bet is to contact them with some criteria before beginning your search so that they can help you find the right property.

Address: 62 Queen Rd, Clarendon Park, Leicester, LE2 1TU

Phone: 0116 254 4543

Email: lettings@keywest-estateagents.co.uk

Website: https://www.keywest-estateagents.co.uk/student-accommodation-leicester/

4. Nicholas Humphrey

As a national chain of letting agents, Nicholas Humphreys have plenty of experience in helping students find a great property to suit a wide variety of needs. With anything from a single room in a shared house and small flats to large HMOs with upwards of 7 bedrooms, the key benefit to this agency is variety and a wealth of experience brought by their agents, having been trading for over 15 years. Particularly useful if you have a large group looking for a house.

Address: 79 Queens Road, Leicester, LE2 1TT

Phone: 0116 270 9394

Email: leicesterstudents@nicholashumphreys.com

Website: https://www.nicholashumphreys.com/student-lets

5. Sulets

Although it is a private company, Sulets have branches in both the University of Leicester (Percy Gee Building, LE1 7RH) and DMU (Mill Lane, LE2 7DR Student Unions. They offer an alternative to the services offered by these universities’ own letting service so, if you struggle to find something to meet your needs elsewhere, Sulets is a safe and reliable choice, particularly if you are renting for the first time. They have huge amounts of information about renting as a student on their website and even provide a shop for all of your uni essentials if you struggle to get anything elsewhere. Everything is done online and they have agents available to help if you run into any difficulty.

Phone: 0116 467 0315

Email: enquiries@sulets.com

Website: https://www.sulets.com/

6. Sterling Lettings

An agency dedicated to DMU students, Sterling offers accommodation in three purpose-built accommodation blocks, if shared housing isn’t for you. With rooms at Kingfisher Court, Gosling Court and Chevron Court – which are all just a few minutes’ walk from DMU’s SU and library – this agency offers help and advice to students who are letting and lets rooms and flats in a range of sizes and budgets. Some of the rooms are on the pricier side of what you would find in private rental, but almost everything is taken care of for you, including wifi and energy costs.

Address: 11-19 Grange Lane, Leicester, LE2 7EE

Phone: 0116 412 0078

Email: info@sterling-lettings.co.uk

Website: http://www.sterling-lettings.co.uk/