Are you a student in Southampton? Perhaps you’re looking for a student house for next year? You’ve come to the right place. This list of the best student letting agencies in Southampton is here to guide you into the process of letting privately for the first time. These agencies are experienced in catering for a wide variety of students with different budgetary and location needs, as well as the size of the house you are looking for. 

1. IStudent Lets

Independent letting agencies are harder to come by in Southampton than other student cities, but IStudent Lets is proudly independent. They are very clear about their renting process (and, unusually, have a fixed deposit rate for all of their houses of £350) and common concerns are cleared up on their website. They are landlords to all of the properties that they oversee, which makes for faster responses to maintenance requests and more direct contact with your landlord. As standard, their properties come with double beds, fully-furnished and with smoke and carbon monoxide alarms for your peace of mind. 


Address: Semple House, Gardeners Lane, Romsey, Southampton, SO51 6AD

Phone: 02380 814 342




Here we have it, the big one. Endorsed by both Southampton Solent and the University of Southampton, SASSH is one of the go-to agencies for students looking to rent in Southampton. The agency is run by both universities in conjunction with Southampton City Council to provide a straightforward renting service to students. They have advice on all aspects of renting, and the added security means that disputes can be quickly resolved. They help groups and individuals find properties suited to their needs, including price and location. Also great for mixed-uni houses!


Address: 37 University Road, Southampton, SO17 1BJ

Phone: 023 8201 5040/02380 599 599



3. Tenant Direct 

They describe themselves on their website as ‘the number one choice for property to let in Southampton’. The many testimonials both on their website and on search engine pages make it clear that this reputation is built on professionalism, responsiveness and a ‘caring’ approach to letting. They let properties of up to 9 beds and include plenty of information on their website about renting with them. They are transparent about what their processes are and how they vet landlords and properties before marketing them to students. 


Address: 14 New Road, Southampton, SO14 0AY

Phone: 023 8033 2230

Email: contact form


4. Accommodation For Students

As a collection of accommodation from different agencies, this place is a great resource for finding both housing and other agencies that might be able to help you in your search. They are a national company and come with experience in all areas of student letting. Although you won’t likely be renting directly through them, they are a great service for finding tricky categories of student housing – very small or very large houses, in a less popular area, for example. They also have a service where you can advertise either that you need an extra housemate or that you need a room, and they will match you up with suitable houses. 


Address: Online 

Phone:0845 351 9911



5. Simply Student Lettings


Although they have a reasonably small portfolio of just over forty houses, Simply Student Lettings offer a variety of properties in popular student areas for students of both unis in the city. According to their website, all properties are £79 or less per week per tenant, compliant with relevant safety regulations, as well as being in suitable locations for students. In Highfield particularly, they specialise in smaller houses (<5 beds) within walking distance of the university. They also have properties at The Polygon, Inner Avenue and Portswood. 


Address: 51 Bedford Place, Southampton, SO15 2DT

Phone: 023 8008 1212