Check out these must see underground cocktail bars in Bath

Its that time again where the city of Bath will soon have a rush of fresh freshers exploring this beautiful city. And to help you out we have put together the top 5 must see underground cocktail venues. 

Bath is built on hills so it is no wonder that when they couldn’t build upwards anymore, they started building down. And Bath have put this space to good use creating some truly wonderful cocktail bars, with amazing atmosphere all for you to try… and trust us it will soon become a regular for you.

1. The Dark Horse – Kingsmead Square

Image result for The Dark Horse – Kingsmead Square

Open from 5pm everyday 

Booking essential – 01225 282477

This bar was voted the 4th best new cocktail bar in the WORLD by The Spirited Awards and its right here on your doorstep! Not only does it attract visitors from Bath but also worldwide.

Their staff are extremely talented and only serve the freshest, highest quality cocktails so you may think it a pretentious bar. BUT this is so far from the truth, all they care about is creating a relaxed atmosphere so turn up in anything you fancy, quite literally you could wear your gym gear and still be granted access!

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