Are you stuck in Bath, and you’re running out of ideas of what to do? Bath may be a wonderful place, but it’s attractions are limited. Here is a small list of ten possible day trip to do from Bath.

1. Bradford on Avon

Bradford on Avon
Source: Wikimedia

Just a short train ride away from Bath and Bristol, Bradford on Avon is a very idyllic place. It’s very charming, and even fairytale-like atmosphere and settings will make you fall in love. Walk across the small centre and then find yourself lost in the tiny streets and lost corners of the place.

2. Stonehenge

day trips from bath
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If you’d rather go on a day trip, Stonehenge is the perfect place to go to. There are many providers of this trip, whereby a group coach will take you to the place, and you even get a tour guide. The drive to Stonehenge is just under an hour from Bath. There is no direct access to Stonehenge from Bath, but you can take a train to Salisbury and then take a taxi.

3. Glastonbury

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Other than being famous for its yearly summer music festival, Glastonbury is also a nice city to see. It has a number of very artistic streets filled with colours as well a ton of historical sights. You can visit the Glastonbury Tor or the Tomb of Dion fortune.

4. Bristol

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Bristol is just a jump away from Bath, taking you only 20 minutes on the train to arrive. Bristol, being slightly more metropolitan, has many adventures to offer you. From nearby nature attractions to galleries and museums, Bristol has it all. Why not go on an afternoon hunt for Banksy’s street art?

5. Cardiff

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With direct train access from bath and Bristol, visiting Cardiff is the perfect day trip for you and your friends. Hop on the train in the morning, have lunch in Cardiff and explore, and hop on the train back early evening. Cardiff has a very vibrant atmosphere, and its location by water is perfect.

6. Cheddar Gorge

Cheddar Gorge
Source: Wikipedia

Cheddar Gorge is just a short drive from Bristol (around 40mins). It rises up from nowhere as you drive between the hills and cliffs. The sights from the top of the cliffs are mesmerising. However, be sure you take a whole day to visit the cliffs as the walk will charm you into spending a lot of time there enjoying yourself.

7. Wells

Source: Wikimedia

Wells is located within the Mendip district of Somerset and is only 17 miles away from Bath. There is also a direct bus connection to take you right to the magnificent Wells Cathedral. It is one of the few other places that are defined as an ancient Roman settlement. It is also one of the principal seats of the diocese.

8. Highclere Castle

Highclere Castle
Source: Wikimedia

The castle was finished in 1842 and is now open to the public for about 65 days a year. Before becoming a museum castle, in the past, it served as a hospital as well as a children’s home. Further, it may look familiar to you if you are a fan of Downton Abbey.

9. Dundry

Source: Wikipedia

This small town is just a small distance away from Bristol. It is delightfully rural, which will give you a nice break from the city life full of business and stress. Also close to Chew Valley Lake, Dundry offers a nice natural surrounding and lots of pretty sights.

10. Costwolds

Source: Wikimedia

Most famous for its quintessentially English market town, the Cotswolds region is one of the prettiest region in the whole UK. The region is located about an hour away from Bath, making it a perfect distance for a day trip. There are train connections for you from Bath and Bristol to some of the towns in the region. Explore the small streets as well as the wonderful nature.