Have you been wondering what there is to see in Bath? Are you wondering what this small city has to offer? Other than being famous for its outstanding University that ranks top in league tables, here’s 10 things that Bath is famous for.

1. Roman History

things bath is famous for
Source: The Roman Baths

Bath was built in Roman times and is a very well known Roman site in the UK. One of the things left behind by the Romans is the Roman Baths. The Roman Baths museum located at the centre of the Bath, near the Bath Abbey, is free for students and priced low for adults. The museum shows the history of Bath before its modern form and creates a narrative of the importance of the Baths in Roman times. Back then, Bath was situated 2 meters below the current ground level!

2. The SPA

things bath is famous for
Source: Thermae Spa

Part of Roman history is still present in Bath. Bath has its own thermal spa (Thermae Bath). The thermal springs provide many the relax they need, and it is often a reason for visiting this city. Furthermore, the hot spring water in the spa is mineral-rich and has multiple health benefits. There are multiple sets of other treatments being offered, including aromatherapy and massages.

3. Christmas Markets

things bath is famous for
Source: Bath Christmas Market

Attracting hundreds of visitors each year, Bath at Christmas is one of the most beautiful sights there is. The Bath Christmas Markets usually run from mid-November till the beginning of December. The stalls are spaced out all over the city centre, with numerous local artisan shops, delicious food and great festive music that a wonderful atmosphere around the whole city. The twinkling lights and the festive colours make winter and Christmas Bath the most wonderful. There are also multiple charity stalls too where you can chip in to help with multiple causes, making Christmas the most human time of the year. Your four-legged friends are also welcomed!

4. The Architecture

things bath is famous for
Source: Bath Chronicle

Bath’s architecture is absolutely stunning! The architecture follows a very royal style and shows a strong presence of Celtic culture. Furthermore, the city shows great ability to combine private and public buildings in a very picturesque aestheticism. Moreover, the presence of the Palladian style creates more atmosphere for the modern look of Bath’s urban spaces. This can be seen in the centre of town, as well as the lined villas along Bathwick Hill. Bath’s architecture is what made it one of the World Heritage Sites.

5. Sally Luns

things bath is famous for
Source: Restaurants in Bath

One of the greatest things you can do in Bath is to try out the amazing Bath buns at Sally Luns in town. The delicious buns are made using traditional recipes that have been passed down through centuries. At the restaurant, you can treat yourself to some great hot drinks and a classic bun. These buns come with toppings of your choice, both savoury and sweet, making the bun experience favourable by absolutely everyone. Whether you have a sweet tooth or enjoy savoury treats, Sally Luns is the place to be. On top of everything, they also deliver their buns all across the UK.

6. Chocolate Fudge

things bath is famous for
Source: Fudge Kitchen

If you have a sweet tooth, this one’s for you. Bath is very renowned for its delicious fudge making. At Fudge Kitchen in the centre of Bath, they have been crafting fudge based on their own traditional passed down recipe for over 38 years! The artisan Fudge retailer also offers caramel sublimes, hot chocolate drinks and special Gourmet Butter Fudge. All treats are made using natural ingredients, are vegan-friendly and many are also gluten-free. Despite the current lockdown, Fudge Factory has an online shop and delivers across England!

7. Plasticine

things bath is famous for
Source: Inky Goodness, Twitter

Plasticine came about back in 1897. It was invented by William Harbutt. While trying to create a non-drying clay, Harbutt created a very malleable and soft material that did not dry when touched with air. The creation started to be mass-produced in factories in Bathhampton in 1899 and continued being created there until 1983. The mentions of Plasticine and its history also appear across much of British Music, including in the Beatles or Placebo. Furthermore, it was also used in short animation films that went on to gain an Oscar.

8. Peter Gabriel

things bath is famous for
Source: Rolling Stone

Peter Gabriel is one of the greatest artists in British history. It may be a surprise to many, but his very renowned music studio is located in Bath! Gabriel provides his space for use to many other fellow artists. Radiohead recorded two of its albums in Gabriel’s studio back in the day. The record went on to be a great selling hit. Recently, Harry Style’s latest album Fine Line had many of its songs recorded in Bath. Style’s presence in Bath caused many fans to commit stalking behaviour and look out for the location of the studio where recording happened.

9. Jane Austen

things bath is famous for
Source: Britannica

One of the most known British writers, Jane Austen, is an icon of Bath. After living here for a few years in her younger years, she has been known to write many novels here at Bath. There is a Jane Austen museum that elaborates on the life of Austen and tells a narrative of her writing journey. The museum is filled with historical artefacts and clothing. There is also an opportunity for you to dress up in the traditional Austenian costumes and take a few pictures!

10. Bridgerton

things bath is famous for
Source: Teen Vogue

I am sure we have all been up to speed with the latest Netflix Drama Bridgerton. Bridgerton is a drama series based in the 18th century England. It is centred on the story of two star-crossed lovers and their problems. Not only is the plot very raunchy and filled with super good-looking actors, but the scenery is also absolutely magnificent. Many of the sites have been filmed in Bath. The sites of the Royal crescent can be frequently seen in the episodes, as well as Sydney Street or Bath Green. If you ever find yourself in the centre of town, make sure to look out for these locations and find yourself feeling extremely royal as if walking down to the ball.