You’ve finished watching all that Netflix has to offer, including newly released series Bridgerton that you binge-watched in two days. Maybe you are wondering where some of those beautiful scenes were filmed. Well, some of those lovely scenes were filmed right in the city centre of Bath! If you feel intrigued about Bath, here are 10 things to do in Bath when you are visiting for a few days or just a day stop.

1. Alexandria Park

things to do in bath alexandria park
Source: Bath Chronicle

Source: BathChronicle (online), 2017

One of the greatest walks you can do in Bath is to walk up to Alexandra Park. Located on a hill, it overlooks all of Bath, and the view is absolutely breath-taking. By walking to Alexandra Park, you will gain a perspective of Bath from above.  When on top in Alexandra Park, there are benches to sit at and a small coffee cart that always has the best offer of hot drink to make your day a bit better. We all know we need that caffeine fix to stay on top of life!

On your way back to town, you can either come down through the city centre or take a longer route down through Oldfield park and grab fish and chips right off when you come down.

2. Picnic at Bathwick Hill

things to do in bath
Source: OnTheMarket

Being just a short walk from the main city centre, it is one of the favourite spots of the locals to enjoy spring sun and summer sunsets. It overlooks the city, and there is a ton of space for everyone! On your way up to Bathwick hill, you can either go up the main road and see the magnificent villas that layout the road or take a walk up through the Bath canals. Bathwick hill is the perfect place to have a picnic. Take a blanket, a bunch of good treats and sweets and a good blanket to lay on, grab a friend or two, and you have the perfect afternoon programme!

3. Glow Mini Golf

things to do in bath

So you’ve done all the active walking and seen all the nature possible. You want to have some fun. Bath is serving you all the fun with Glow in the dark Mini Golf near Victoria Park. Reserve a spot and challenge all your friends to a game or two. Mini golf is around all year, however, it is our favourite around winter time when Bath on Ice returns for the holiday Festivities with an Ice Rink and of course, mini Golf!

4. Games Café

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Source: Somerset Live

There is always something to do in Bath when you are feeling bored or need inspiration. Even when the weather isn’t the best! When it rains and pours, you can always come down to Thirsty Meeples. Thirsty Meeples is a games café with over a thousand games to choose from. If one really grabs your attention, you can always buy it! Serving hot drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, Thirsty Meeples has always got your back when you’re feeling down. Be sure to reserve your spot, however, as they get full really quickly.

5. Roman Baths

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Source: Baths Historic Venues

You cannot miss being in Bath and not see the Roman Baths. Being one of the sites of the World Heritage, visitors can enjoy seeing underground pavements and the ruins of the Temple of Suis Minerva. Roman Baths used to be one of the most religious spas in the ancient world. It attracts millions of visitors each year. Furthermore, if they take you by surprise and you find yourself intrigued, you can always try the effects of the water in Thermea Bath Spa that will give you exactly what you need – the most relaxing time.

6. Bowling

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Source: senlac tours

Located at Bath’s most visited Better Gym on North Parade Road, this is always a backup plan. Having multiple lanes, which are LED lit, you can reserve a place for up to three hours and play ten pin bowling and have a few drinks with it.  Bowling always carries great memories as you often laugh more than you play!

7. Pub Crawl

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Source: Total Guide to Bath

Bath has an enormous amount of pubs, so why not spend your evening adventuring around. As a very stereotypically known British tradition, Bath is the perfect place to start traditions of your own. The Saracen’s Head is one of the most historical pubs in Bath and is even one of the oldest present. You can always go to the Canon, which is a favourite of the many students that spend their Friday nights in Bath.

8. Shop Hunting

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Source: Brogan Abroad

On your visit to Bath, make sure you bring something back home. Bath has great small independent shops, many of whom create products of their own. Our great recommendation is to visit the Bath Retro Store, Silver Gift Shop and Waller & Wood. Of course, if you are a foodie, make sure to stop by Sally Luns for an amazing tradition of old-type buns with whichever flavour you decide, sweet or savoury. You can also take them home with you!

9. Bath Skyline Walk

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Source: The National Trust

Because Bath is very hill like, there is always somewhere to hike to and explore. The Bath Skyline walk is a 6 miles trip taking you around three hours to complete. On your walk, you will see a combination of magnificent views, breath-taking sights of nature and its life behind the stress, and you will understand what underpins Bath’s World Heritage status.

10. Sham Castle

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Source: Trip Advisor

Lastly, you should have a look at Sham Castle. Some say the sight is exaggerated in its beauty, but nevertheless, it is a sight worth visiting. It is part of the Bath Skyline Walk, and therefore, you get a 2-in-1 experience. Sham Castle is located on the hills near the University of Bath and is a summer spot of many students to watch the sunset over Bath’s precious skyline.