As restrictions have eased, indoor seating has come about. The weather has also treated us to some enormous amounts of rain, and therefore, the timing is perfect. Are you having doubts about where you should book for your Friday night special? We’ve got you covered, here are the best restaurants in Bath.

1. Sally Lunns

8 of the best restaurants in Bath
Source: Sally Lunns

Sally Lunns is our favourite in Bath due to its traditional but nonconventional food. The Sally Lunns restaurant offers traditional buns made using a passed on recipe. The buns come with different toppings, for all of us to make the buns to our liking. The atmosphere is very cosy and the staff are always super friendly.

2. Jars Meze

Jars meze bath
Source: Jars Meze Bath

Jars Meze is a secret little restaurant located near the Guildhall Market in the little street right opposite. The restaurant offers traditional Greek food and also has its own bakery with the ultimate perfection of sweets. It is a family-owned business and you are bound to have the greatest time.

3. Cappadocia

8 of the best restaurants in Bath
Source: Cappadocia

The interior of this restaurant always gives us the ultimate homely yet on holiday vibes. This is the perfect place for your date, or a more important occasion of celebration. Their Turkish roots and cuisine will take you on a journey of discovery.

4. The Oven

the oven bath
Source: The Oven

This is the top-tier pizza place in Bath. The prices are very affordable, and the pizza is beyond amazing. Take your friends out on a celebratory pizza or book a table for a family occasion. The restaurant’s interior is bound to suit anyone. It is located right near Kingsmead square, making it the perfect meeting location.

5. The Crystal Palace

the crystal palace bath
Source: Crystal Palace

One of the oldest pubs in Bath, The Crystal Palace offers it all. Great drink and some great traditonal “pub food”. It is more expensive compared to other pubs, however, it is definitely worth it. Above everything, their option of serving Sunday brunch is exactly what makes this place one of the best in Bath.

6. The Botanist

the crystal palace bath
Source: The Botanists Instagram

The Botanist can never let you down. The beautiful flowery interior mixed with cherry wood will make you fall in love. The great selection of drinks will give you a hard time to chose from but definitely will give you a good time. It is such a popular favourite that you’ll often find them fully booked, so you might need to book in advance!

7. Opa

OPA Bath
Source: OPA

Another Greek special, Opa is located on the North Parade. Their outside seating overlooks the river making it very picturesque. They have a lengthy menu with many options. The atmosphere is super nice, and the staff are very friendly. The food is super delicious and they play super good music in the background!

8. Sotto Sotto

8 of the best restaurants in Bath
Source: Sotto Sotto

Very close to Opa, Sotto Sotto is an Italian restaurant. The interior is located underground in a vault like setting, very atmospheric. The dishes are very moreish and filling, and whilst it may be more pricey than most restaurants, it is perfect for special occasions or celebrations.