It’s often easy to head to the same local haunts and outdoor spaces around the corner from us out of routine. But when you live in a city like Bath, it’s good to explore what it has to offer. It’s known for historic buildings and lots of restaurants and bars etc. But there are also lots of great parks and green spaces in Bath that are well worth visiting too. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer picnicking to running, or are looking for Instagrammable botanic gardens or simply a nice relaxing stroll, there’s a spot for you. So check out our list of the best parks in Bath to head to next.

1. Royal Victoria Park

best parks in Bath
Source: Wikipedia

Royal Victoria Park is a huge green space and park in the heart of Bath. It’s one of the most popular too, attracting both visitors and local people. It was named after Princess Victoria, who opened the park back in 1830 when she was 11 years old. The park is home to a beautiful botanical garden, lots of walking paths and even a play area for children. The stunning Royal Crescent provides a great backdrop for a photo opportunity too.

Address: Marlborough Ln, Bath BA1 2NQ

2. Alexandra Park 

Beechen Cliff, Alexandra Park
Source: Alexandra Park Bath

Set atop Beechen Cliff, Alexandra Park offers breathtaking panoramic views of Bath and the surrounding countryside. With 11 acres of landscaped grounds, you can meander through the park’s pathways, find a quiet spot to unwind, or enjoy the vibrant seasonal flower displays. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the picturesque vistas. Alexandra Park is THE park in Bath if you need to escape for a bit from all the studying.

Address: Shakespeare Ave, Bath BA2 1EE

3. Henrietta Park

Henrietta Park Bath
Source: Bath and North East Somerset Council

Just a short stroll from the city centre, Henrietta Park is a serene park nestled within Bath. The park features a beautiful sensory garden, a water garden, and an array of stunning flowerbeds. You can also find a pergola walk, making Henrietta Park a perfect spot for relaxation and exploration. There’s also sometimes events held in Henrietta Park, such as mini theatre shows or community days.

Address: Henrietta Rd, Bath BA2 6LP

4. Sydney Gardens

Sydney Gardens Bath
Source: Roger Cornfoot, Wikipedia

Step back in time at Sydney Gardens, Bath’s oldest park, which dates back to 1795. Originally designed as a Georgian pleasure garden, the park now offers a mix of historic features and modern amenities. Actually, this park is the only remaining pleasure gardens in Bath from the 18th century. The likes of Jane Austen is believed to have frequented there. With its tree-lined walks, ornamental bridges, and a play area, Sydney Gardens is definitely somewhere you should visit if you haven’t. Especially if you’re in need of some inspiration from the paths of literary greats!

Address: Sydney Pl, Bath BA2 6NF

5. Alice Park

Alice Park CAfe in Bath
Source: Alice Park Cafe Facebook

Alice Park is usually the go-to park for families in Bath. But besides the play area, there’s lots for all ages to enjoy and explore too – away from noises. There are tennis courts you can hire, as well as a community garden. Plus if you have a dog, this is a good park to go to. Not to mention the great Alice Park Cafe to grab a drink and relax in.

Address: Gloucester Rd, Bath BA1 7BL

6. Parade Gardens

Parade Gardens bath
Source: © Ad Meskens / Wikimedia Commons

Located in the heart of Bath, Parade Gardens is a stunning riverside park with impeccable landscaping. As you wander through the vibrant flower displays you’ll pass the classical bandstand. The park’s central location makes it an ideal spot for a relaxing, which is ideal if you need to get away from studying. There’s something very peaceful about Parade Gardens, and it’s definitely worth a visit. You will have to pay to go in as it’s a grade II listed park, but it’s only £1 for students and £2 for adults.

Address: Pierrepont Street, Bath BA1 1LN

The range of parks in Bath offer a perfect blend of tranquillity, natural beauty, and history. Each of these green spaces promises a unique and memorable experience, or simply somewhere to just chill. So why wait? Grab a book, pack a picnic, or put on your running trainers in one of Bath’s best parks today!

Last Updated on May 23, 2024