Its that time again where the city of Bath will soon have a rush of fresh freshers exploring this beautiful city. And to help you out we have put together the top 5 must see underground cocktail venues.

Bath is built on hills so it is no wonder that when they couldn’t build upwards anymore, they started building down. And Bath have put this space to good use creating some truly wonderful cocktail bars, with amazing atmosphere all for you to try… and trust us it will soon become a regular for you.

1. The Dark Horse

Location: Kingsmead Square

Check out these must see underground cocktail bars in Bath
Source: Dark Horse Bar

Open from 5pm everyday 

Booking essential – 01225 282477

This bar was voted the 4th best new cocktail bar in the WORLD by The Spirited Awards and its right here on your doorstep! Not only does it attract visitors from Bath but also worldwide.

Their staff are extremely talented and only serve the freshest, highest quality cocktails so you may think it a pretentious bar. BUT this is so far from the truth, all they care about is creating a relaxed atmosphere so turn up in anything you fancy, quite literally you could wear your gym gear and still be granted access!

2. Circo Bar and Lounge

Location: George Street

Check out these must see underground cocktail bars in Bath
Source: Circo Bar

Closed Sundays and Mondays.

Open Tues to Sat from 5pm.

Tel: 01225 585100

This venue is located beneath the Porter Bar and Clayton’s kitchen. It ozzes subterranean vibesss and holds its own music nights and great themed parties.

And as if the atmosphere isn’t enough to lure you to this beautiful place, they also offer midweek cocktail deals (2 for £10 Tues to Thurs) and you can also arrange a cocktail or gin making class.

3. Opium Bar

Location: Spring Gardens Road

Check out these must see underground cocktail bars in Bath
Source: Opium Bar

Closed Sundays and Mondays

Open Tues to Saturday from 5.30pm.

Tel: 01225 332321

This unique underground bar is a real gem with fans all over Bristol, its a place you must visit during your time at Bath. It is tiny inside with electric decor and a vintage atmosphere. Its been in the Bath scene for many years so you may feel like you’ve stepped back in time here.

The drinks menu is a mixture of classics and bespoke to the bar, although the bar-staff are super friendly and are happy to make you whatever you desire. They also offer cocktail master classes.

ooo and they have a secret room which can be hired for parties and events – don’t forget to check it out – some say its the best thing about the place!

4. The Confessional

Location: Milsom Street


Closed Tuesdays

Open Wednesday to Mondays from 5pm

Tel: 01225 667155

The vibes here are all about relaxing and chilling and its strictly table service! Confess your sins (quite literally), you can write them down anonymously on the back of coasters which the waiters will later pick up and stick to the walls! If you’d rather not, drink your sins away with their famous cocktails!

The decor consists of low lighting, comfy sofas and hidden alcoves for a bit of privacy. There are no windows, no phone reception so its truly a place to unwind and forget about the world. If your feeling peckish you can order their snacks of local meat and cheese platters!

Last Updated on May 22, 2024