Its understandable that the first couple of weeks can be overwhelming, exciting and downright scary.

So, you just want to curl up in bed with a tub of ice cream and the latest series on Netflix up on your laptop, adamant that you don’t miss your mum already? Now, as great as that sounds, there are far better things you can be doing.

As cliché as it sounds, making friends is one of the most important parts of starting university. Whether it’s with your new flatmates or people from your course, creating a group of people that you feel happy and comfortable around will make such a difference. Cooking a big meal with all your new flatmates to share is always a winner for making new mates – nothing says ‘be my friend’ better than a delicious chilli con carne. With the new Lidl in Bath, you can’t even use the excuse that you can’t afford the ingredients!

If cooking isn’t your thing (and you fear it may be you that sets off that dreaded 4am fire alarm whilst practising your cooking skills to impress your mates), getting chatty on your course lectures and seminars may be a better option. These people are taking the same subject as you so you already have something in common to talk about… even if it is how little both of you have read for this week’s seminar prep.

Societies are also always a great way to meet people. Musical Theatre Soc, for example, introduces you to people who all love what you do! You may find the new hobby of your dreams, be it hockey, chess or opera. If you are sat there and laughing ironically at the prospect of you playing hockey, don’t despair – if you can get enough people together you can start your own! Bath Spa even has a Lord Of The Rings Society!

If all else fails, you can always rely on the alcohol. Just get on that massive university fresher’s group on Facebook and get inviting, you know the one you joined months ago and then pretty much ignored? Nothing guarantees making friends better than a good mix of alcohol, music, and laughs.