Brighton is a seaside town with everything to offer. Including some really great bars. But there’s so many bars in Brighton of them, that you may not know which to visit. Or which are the best bars for students in the city. That’s why I’ve made a list of the 15 BEST student bars in the Brighton, so you know exactly where to go to be among fellow uni students (or at least people of a similar age). It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a date night with that OK-looking guy you met on Hinge, are celebrating your bestie’s birthday, or are just wanting to get drunk enough to forget about your latest exam result – I am here to help.

1. The Tempest Inn

Best Bars in Brighton, The Tempest Inn
Source: Tempest

The Tempest Inn is perfect if you’re lucky enough to be in Brighton during the summer. It’s right on the beachfront, it’s the ideal spot to be by the sea while downing a frosty pint. But if you order food, be sure to guard it with your life. The seagulls are … insistent. And they will attack you. And they will poo on you. And they will steal your chips and fly off, leaving you in a state of impressed shock. The safer option, of course, would be to take a seat in their cosy indoor area, which is warmly lit up by lanterns, and there are bigger areas available if there are quite a few of you!

With great views, bottomless brunches and a range of drinks, as well as seafood, The Tempest Inn is definitely one of the best student bars in Brighton. That is why it is always buzzing, full of people getting their drink on next the beautiful beach. They’ve got loads of space for you and your friends to sit, and you’ll be moments away from some of the best clubs in Brighton if you want to keep the night going.

Address: 159 Kings Rd, Brighton BN1 1NB

2. Alcotraz


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The Alcotraz experience on Kings Road is another student favourite when it comes to bars in Brighton. Dressed in orange jumpsuits and locked in a jail cell with your party, this experience is perfect for special occasions – or just to try something different. You ‘smuggle in’ your choice of alcohol, and cocktails are made for you, tailored to your taste. It’s a very exciting way to experience jail without actually having to go there ;). Prices are a little higher than other places at over £30 per person, considering you bring in your own booze, but the experience is worth the money!

Address: 13 Kings Rd, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 1NE

3. Twisted Lemon

Hidden down a tiny alleyway, Twisted Lemon is a funky, snug cocktail bar with an extensive cocktail menu. If you’re looking for a cheaper, yet still sophisticated night, their 2-4-1 happy hour runs Sunday-Friday until 9 o’clock. It’s certainly one of the lesser-known student bars in Brighton, but should you find it to be full, its equally elegant twin bar, Twisted Lime, is right around the corner.

Address: 41 Middle St, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 1AL

4. Hobgoblin 

Best student Bars in Brighton, Hobgoblin
Source: Hobgoblin Brighton Facebook

Located just out of the city centre, off of London Road, Hobgoblin has an award-winning beer garden and everything to go with it. From vodka slushies, DJs, retro gaming tables and a photo-booth, to famous dough balls. Plus, they offer a student discount on certain spirits and beers. They also run various promotions like Lemon Wednesdays (bring a lemon, get a free corona), Tequila Tuesdays (99p for a tequila shot), and Candy Thursday (99p flavoured vodka shots).

Address: 31 York Pl, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 4GU

5. Miss Fitzherbert’s

Best Bars in Brighton, Miss Fitzherberts
Source: Brighton Restaurant Awards

If you’re after a student bar that’s got quirky décor and a great menu, Mrs Fitzherberts might be the place for you to try next on a night out. Named after a woman who supposedly is Brighton’s ‘original cougar’, Fitzherbert’s is located by the famous Brighton Dome. They sell a range of fantastic cocktails at 2 for £10. The menu, which features dishes such as Greek kebabs, bao buns and classic Sunday roasts, has something for everyone. Or if you’re just after some drinks, cocktails are 2 for £13 and are perfect when listening to their live music, which happens from Thursday to Sunday after 9 o’clock.

The bar has some seating indoors, with neon lights and peculiar art pieces to build the atmosphere, and then seats and heaters out the front too. It is one of the favourite student bars in Brighton, but is popular with all ages. So take your mum, take your grandad, take your university lecturer! Or not. That would probably be quite weird.

Address: 25-26 New Rd, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 1UG

6. Brighton Music Hall 

Best Bars in Brighton, Brighton Music Hall
Source: Brighton Music Hall

Open all year round on the seafront with benches for you and your groups, Brighton Music Hall offers a range of pub food and great drinks… all accompanied by live music! Whether you want topped chips and a coke, or a Pimm’s and some jagerbombs, you’re in luck. All alongside a beach view and a busy enough area to people watch ’til closing!

Address: 127, Kings Road Arches, Brighton BN1 2FN

7. The Font

Font Bar Brighton student bars in the city
Source: Font Bar Facebook

One of my personal favourites is The Font, tucked away down Brighton Lanes. Once a church, it has now been converted into a club/bar with dirt-cheap drinks (they have lots of great student deals so make sure you take advantage of these). Hence why it’s my favourite (money doesn’t go on trees, you know). When it gets late, the dancefloor gets fuller, and the music gets louder. So, if you want a night that doesn’t break the bank, head here for a guaranteed good night.

Address: Union St, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 1HA

8. Lucky Voice

best student bars in Brighton
Source: Lucky Voice Brighton Facebook

Looking for a student bar in Brighton where you can simultaneously sing and get drunk? Then, Lucky Voice is probably your cup of tea. Hire a karaoke pod for you and 3-19 of your friends, and get singing! Each pod has a button that summons a waiter to your pod, for all your drinks needs. And when your voice starts to get a bit croaky, head to one of the other four floors, including the speakeasy in the basement, and grab yourself a cocktail. There, you’ll find a dancefloor, a DJ on Saturdays, and a whole lot of fun.

Address: 8 Black Lion St, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 1ND

9. Dead Wax Social

Dead Wax Social Brighton bars for students
Source: Dead Wax Social Facebook

Dead Wax Social is a hotspot for music lovers, and is a bar that refuses to play anything digital. Yes, that’s right. The bar only plays vinyl records, including ones that you bring in yourself. Not only that, but they often host the record launches of local musicians. The entire place is an inviting hub for people who like hearing music the old way, and it has a warm, communal atmosphere. The range of craft beers and artisan pizzas further boost this bar’s appeal, and they even offer beers in 1/3 pint measurements, for those lightweights amongst us 😉

Address: 18A Bond St, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 1RD

10. Mash Tun

Mash Tun student bars in Brighton
Source: Mash Tun Facebook

Mash Tun, a bar that is popular with Sussex and Brighton students, is a lowkey, relaxed pub around the corner from the Royal Pavilion. During the day, it serves casual food and drinks, but as night falls, it transforms into a rowdy club, perfect for a night out. Although it is nowhere near as big as the main clubs, Mash is by no means inferior. The dancefloor is big enough to bust some moves, and there is an upstairs and outdoor seating area for when your feet start hurting or you fancy a spot of people-watching. But beware – the toilets aren’t too great, so if you feel as though you might be sick, it may be better to run outside onto the streets…

Address: 1 Church St, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 1UJ

11. Revolution 

Best Bars in Brighton, Revolution
Source: Design My Night

Revs is found on West Street, and has a whole range of things to keep you entertained. During the day, Revolution is a bar/restaurant, with a whole range of amazing cocktails and handcrafted vodka flavours. In the evening, the tables get moved back, and the bar becomes one big dance floor! Then you have the beer garden, where you can enjoy a range of shisha flavours too.

Address: 77 West St, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 2RA

12. The Mesmerist 

Best Bars in Brighton, The Mesmerist
Source: The Mesmerist

With a full menu, and then a huge range of drinks too, the Mesmerist is a great bar for both drinking, or a meal out. With a calm and cozy atmosphere and a location near all the other bars and clubs, you’re in the centre of all of the action!

Address: 1-3 Prince Albert St, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 1HE

13. Sidewinder 

Best bars in Brighton, Sidewinder
Source: Sidewinder

With loads of seating both indoor and outdoor, and a great atmosphere to go along with it, Sidewinder has earned its place on the list. The bar has a photo booth and heaters in a gorgeous little beer garden, as well as pub quizzes and occasional live music!

Address: 65 St James’s St, Kemptown, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN2 1PJ

14. The World’s End

Best Bars in Brighton, The World's End
Source: The World’s End

Video game themed food, great drinks (including lots and lots of Kraken rum) and an arcade?! What more could you want? Oh yeah, a great atmosphere and an easy to find location? The World’s End has those too. Plus, they’re dog friendly, so you, your friends, and your pooches can go and have fun!

Address: 60-61 London Rd, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN1 4JE

15. Patterns

Patterns Brighton outdoor terrace bars
Source: Patterns Facebook

Patterns is located on the promenade and is a huge building. As well as their free doughnuts clubs nights, and basement gigs, they offer a huge range of drinks and a rooftop terrace to enjoy them on! It’s one of the best student bars in Brighton having everything under one roof – so you don’t have to go anywhere else.

Address: 10 Marine Parade, Kemptown, Brighton and Hove, Brighton BN2 1TL

Student bars in Brighton are really different, but all ensure you’ll have a fun night out in the city. If you’re searching for more inspiration on where to go out drinking, check out the best cocktail bars or best rooftop bars in Brighton. Or why not take a look at our list of top gay bars in Brighton if you want to hang out with the LGBTQ+community?