Brighton is known for its stellar beauty and quirks. It is a fun place, very progressive and trendy and attracts large crowds due to the beach, the nightlife, the culture and art and aesthetics and even the independent shops and cafes it hosts. Here are some things that make Brighton famous.

1. The iconic Royal Pavilion

things brighton is famous for
Source: Brighton & Hove Museums

The Royal Pavilion is arguably Brighton’s best. It is inspired by the Taj Mahal in India, and inside is inspired by Chinese architecture. The beautiful Pavilion gardens surround it. It also has a beautiful café, an outside terrace, and a museum.

2. Brighton Seafront

Brighton Seafront
Source: Pexels

Brighton Beach is a must-visit. Be it the pebble side or Hove’s little quieter side, or even the Black Rock naturist breach, all of them have a very distinct character of their own. There is no sand, however. The beachside has quirky stalls brimming with arts and aesthetics, ice cream vendors, and candyfloss. Perfect for sunbathing and just relaxing.

3. Brighton Pier

Brighton Pier
Source: Wikicommons

Brighton Pier is an iconic landmark by the beachside. It has an entertainment and games area as well as surrounded by the sea-side fun. It is well lit and is a visual treat. You can spend some hours and then spend some more around the beach. What a perfect day with fish & chips, candyfloss, and delicious donuts.

4. British Airways i360

things brighton is famous for
Source: Brightoni360

It is the world’s tallest moving observation tower and features a glass- doughnut-shaped viewing platform where you can see the city and the coastline. You can also dine in the pod on certain evenings.

5. Brighton food tours

Brighton food tours
Source: Brighton food tours

When you are in Brighton, you must try out the independent cafes here instead of sitting in one of those franchisee chains. Brighton’s food tour is tailored to your taste and explores some of the best eateries in town. It is a way to celebrate the city’s excellent food taste and the independent artist and creators in the food industry. You can also stock on some goodies on your way. It is also very highly recommended by Trip Advisor.

6. The world’s oldest operating electric railway

10 things that Brighton is famous for
Source: Wikicommons

Volk’s electric railway is the world’s oldest and is a perfect ride for your little ones. It moves around the beach and stops before Marina. You can learn all about its history and heritage in the short, fun ride.

7. Brighton sea- life

Brighton sea- life
Source: Visit Sea Life

Brighton sea-life aquarium is the world’s oldest. You can spot a wide variety of tropical and sea- life, turtles and even sharks. The prices are very reasonable, and it is recommended to book online. They also arrange behind- the- scene tours, which are fantastic.

8. Biking in the city

things brighton is famous for
Source: BTN Bike Twitter

Brighton is famous for cycling around on a warm sunny day. It is the best way to go on city sightseeing and is even cheap and affordable for just 3p a minute.

9. Take a short trip to Lewes

thigns Brighton is famous for
Source: Lewes

Lewes is an old cobbled town very near to Brighton. It is full of medieval cottages and antique shops and hosts the Lewes Bonfire Night, which is very famous worldwide and attracts a huge crowd every year.

10. Devil’s Dyke

things brighton is famous for
Source: Wikicommons

Devil’s Dyke is a fantastic picnic spot and for beautiful far-reaching views of the South Downs National Park. It is the countryside, and you can cycle or hike there if you like and have a full day surrounded by nature’s bounties.  There is also a nearby local pub which is perfect for local ale and beers.

Last Updated on May 29, 2024