After being a Brighton resident for just shy of a year, I feel I’ve collected enough knowledge to share some insight on whether it is a good place for students to live. From the bustling culture to the bohemian-esque atmosphere, this city thrives off new students residing there each year. So, if you’re seriously considering one of the four universities in Brighton, then this article will be your best friend!

Pro 1) Excellent public transport

Brighton student life - is it a good city
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The public transport in Brighton was definitely a shock to me when I first moved, as I come from a small town where buses end at 10pm and start again at 7am. However, in Brighton, buses run 24/7! This is a big perk for someone who loves clubbing as you don’t have to worry about leaving the club for “the last bus home”. Also, Brighton is home to some amazing train links, so you can escape to Lewes for a wholesome day out or go further afield to Eastbourne where the sea breeze is chef’s kiss! Whilst living in a new city, it’s definitely worth exploring the nearby areas too so you can see what they have to offer and not limit your experiences.

Pro 2) There is ALWAYS a good student deal around!

As mentioned previously, Brighton is home to 4 main universities: University of Sussex, University of Brighton, Brighton Metropolitan College and BIMM. This means that businesses will want to get student’s attention quickly therefore, you’ll notice loads of student deals throughout the year. For example, around October last year, the Churchill Square shopping centre offered an evening where whatever you bought was discounted – all you had to do was show your student ID! Other examples include student-only club nights where drinks can be as little as £2, discounted entry to SEA Life Aquarium and Goodwood Racecourse (a massive highlight for me!) and so much more. Most student deals are labelled quite evidently so they shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Pro 3) You get the perfect rural and urban mix

Is Brighton a good place to live for students?
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The pebbled beach, the pier, the South Downs National Park, Stanmer Park and the Laines demonstrate the perfect mix Brighton has to offer! One day you could be strolling down the beach with your cheesy chips and the next day you could be hanging out with the cows that roam around Stanmer village. The fact it is so easy to switch up the environment you want to be in makes Brighton one of the best places for students to live!

Con 1) Loads of universities = competitive housing market

As my friends and I started looking for second-year accommodation, we noticed that houses were going very very quickly! Most houses get swept up on a first come first served basis and we experienced missing out on a house by another group which was a little bit upsetting, but we soon enough found our house now which is really exciting! You may find yourself losing hope for accommodation, but you will find something eventually.

Con 2) Expensive city…

pros and cons of living in Brighton as a student
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Brighton is like a “mini” London – the cost of living is through the roof. This may put some people off as finances are definitely a big stress at university but if you budget smartly, you can definitely make Brighton enjoyable on a budget! For example, making the most of the student deals and limiting the late-night sweet treats is a perfect strategy that worked for me in my first year.

Con 3) A divide between students and Brighton-born residents

There have been times I’ve been walking around the city where it feels that I’ve been judged for being a student almost. This is a minor con and definitely shouldn’t ruin your university experience! You have every right to be in the city just like anyone else 😊

Overall, Brighton is a very good place for students to live, study, work and thrive! I’ve absolutely loved my time living there and if you want to find out more about Brighton, read here for an in-depth guide about what the city has to offer.


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