Having lived in Brighton for some time, I can definitely vouch that it is a safe place to live. Brighton, also known as London by the sea, is just a 60-minute train ride from London and is very safe compared to London or other UK cities. In fact, it is even voted as the third safest city in the UK.

Crime levels in Brighton 

The community is vibrant, LGBTQ+ friendly, and the crime rate is significantly lower than in other UK cities. The only crime reported in Brighton as per the actual crime data is anti-social behaviour, rather than anything serious that would cause harm or distress. Also, keeping in mind Brighton is a very touristy- place, pickpockets and thefts are not uncommon here, so it is essential to keep your valuables safe This usually happens in the more crowded and touristy areas, so just be careful. Brighton also has CCTV coverage all over, so cases of missing children or mugging are rare.

is brighton a safe place to live
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Only 25% of the crime here is classed as a violent crime, according to police reports. And if these reports are to be believed, Brighton sees a decline in the crime rates every year. There are 21 wards in Brighton, and the high rates of crime are mostly associated with the city centre. Statistically speaking, Brighton’s safest area would be the ward of North Portslade, also because it is way too far from the actual city centre.

Brighton is indeed very safe. The local taxi service and nightclubs and pubs are all very reliable, and as far as public transport in the UK, trains and buses are considered, they are comparably safe around the whole of UK.

How to stay safe in Brighton 

In order to stay the safest, it would be wise to avoid back alleys and neglected areas behind shops as this could be a possible place for anti-social behaviour and elements. Homelessness is high in Brighton, and some people have reported harassment from those suffering on the streets. You’ll usually find them in the late hours of the night or early morning hours. It is best to avoid them completely rather than clash unnecessarily.

is brighton a safe place to live
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With regards to the student population, both universities, the University of Sussex and the University of Brighton take extra measures to keep their students safe. So, rest assured, campuses are very safe indeed. Both their websites are equipped with important tips and numbers to reach in case any untoward incident arises. Some of the tips that are pretty handy revolve around keeping your possessions safe, always checking on IDs if someone you don’t know is trying to enter your house and keeping a personal safety alarm could also prove useful. If you are feeling unsafe walking around campus at night, you can even take the bus that would take you around the inside the Sussex university campus. If you feel unsafe in the city, look out for student volunteers who are also called the Good Night Owls. They are a bunch of volunteers on street safety patrol and are a friendly face that serves as a reassurance while you are on a night out.

is brighton a safe place to live
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Many agencies in Brighton, such as the city council, police department, fire department and so on, contribute to keeping Brighton safe and sound. Their efforts hence earned Brighton the top spot for the happiest places to live and work in 2019. Around 86% of Brightonians are happy, and they feel happy on an everyday basis.