Brighton is synonymous with veganism. It is truly a veggie lover’s paradise. It is one of the UK’s most Vegan-friendly places and has a wide selection of eateries to choose from that serve delectable animal-free products. One stroll in the city centre, and you will find an array of restaurants, cafes, and so many pop-up eateries that serve good food. Here we are listing the top vegan restaurants that Brighton has to offer.

1. Planet India

Location: 4 Richmond Parade, Brighton BN2 9PH, United Kingdom

planet india brighton
Source: Restaurants Brighton

Planet India is known for its Indian cuisine, with 70 percent of it being vegan or vegetarian. The recipes used in their kitchen are a hand-down of many generations and are still intact in their original form. Their curries are delicious, and so are the simple- vegetable dishes they serve. It is certainly one of the most crowded places, and getting a table here is itself a task. This tells us this is definitely worth a try!

2. Moksha

Location: 4-5 York Pl, Brighton BN1 4GU, United Kingdom

moshka brighton
Source: Restaurants Brighton

Moksha café is a family-owned independent café tucked in the Laines. It serves great vegan options for brunch and lunch and also has a great coffee selection. They have various meat-free alternatives and some innovative and unique plant-based dishes.

3. Smorl’s Kitchen

Location:  Open Market At Marshall’s Row, Brighton, BN1

Smorls Brighton
Source: Smorls

This is arguably one of Brighton’s best spots. With an entirely vegan menu, and a heavy focus on chickpeas, they have beautiful hummus, pitta, falafels, and so much more. They also have salads of different kinds and chips of sweet potatoes. Their team is dedicated to providing excellent vegan-friendly dishes that don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

4. The Roundhill

Location: 100 Ditchling Rd, Brighton BN1 4SG, United Kingdom

The Roundhill Brighton
Source: Coupoly

This is Brighton’s completely vegan gastro-pub. Their vegan twist on classic pub food is what draws diners to them. Their menu is inviting and is also a kid-friendly place. They also serve local ales, and their menu is so innovative and unique that you can’t help but want to explore.

5. Manjus

Location: 6 Trafalgar St, Brighton BN1 4EQ, United Kingdom

manjus brighton
Source: Restaurants Brighton

Manjus focuses heavily on Gujarati vegetarian food, which is approximately 75 percent vegan, gluten, and nut-free. They use the freshest of ingredients available and even have a wide variety of vegan drinks such as wine and ales. They are a budget-friendly and kids favourite place in Brighton.

6. Terre A Terre

Location: 71 East St, Brighton BN1 1HQ, United Kingdom

Terre A Terre Brighton
Source: Restaurants Brighton

Terre A Terre has been around for a good 21 years in Brighton’s vegan scene. It is a fine-dining, highly respectable vegan restaurant known for its skills and experience in producing the best quality of food as well as providing the best service. They also have cookbooks in their restaurant and have a selection of afternoon tea cakes and wines as well. Their vegetables are locally sourced and are of the finest quality. It is truly a go-to place for vegans.

7. Purezza

Location: 12 St James’s St, Kemptown, Brighton BN2 1RE

Purezza Brighton
Source: Purezza

Purezza launched in 2015 and is known to serve exciting and intriguing vegan pizzas combinations that no one could ever even think of. Their play on classic Italian dishes and also being completely animal-free makes them a popular spot for people. And their desserts are also something to die for. They are also the UK’s only plant-based pizzeria.

8. Erpingham House

Location: 14 Duke St, Brighton BN1 1AH, United Kingdom

Erpingham House Brighton
Source: Square Meal

It is an all-day eating spot, and their plant-based menu serves delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even a Sunday roast. Their meat alternatives are delicious, and they are increasingly becoming popular among people.

9. Beelzebab Vegan

Location: The Hope & Ruin, 11-12 Queens Rd, Brighton BN1 3WA, United Kingdom

Beelzebab Brighton
Source: Beelzebab

They serve oh so delicious vegan donner kebabs and junk food that you cannot imagine being vegan. Their fries are also wicked-good. They have monthly specials and fit well on the pocket as well. Definitely one of the best vegan restaurants in Brighton!

10. Happy Maki

Happy Maki Brighton
Source: Happy Cow

Happy Maki are the creators of sushi rolls that are literally the size of a burrito. They serve people excellent food such as rolls, wraps, salads and so on and have excellent service and contribute a portion of their sales to charities working around child nutrition and ocean conservation.

After your meal, why not try one of Brighton’s iconic rooftop bars and look out over the city?