If you’re looking for something exciting to do outdoors in Brighton, then here are some of the best outdoor activities in Brighton for you to go and enjoy! From zoos to sports, there’s something for everyone.

Drusillas and Knockhatch

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Brighton has 2 Zoos nearby, Drusillas and Knockhatch. Drusillas is a simple bus ride away, whereas Knockhatch is a little further out. Both, however, have a great range of animals for you to take a look at. Drusillas has a specialism in monkeys species and has red pandas, camels, penguins, pythons, goats, and marmosets. Likewise, Knockhatch has a range of animals from kookaburras, cockatoos and meerkats, to giant rabbits and wallabies. Drusillas tickets start at £26, and Konockhatch tickets start at £4.99 each.

The Garden House and The Secret Garden

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The South Downs surrounds Brighton, so there is always plenty of greenery. But for those looking specifically for botanic gardens, you can go and visit The Garden House or The Secret Garden! The Garden House used to be a market garden and then was derelict for a very long time until it was bought by partners Bridgette and Graham. It is not open every day, but it is always worth a visit when it is. However, The Secret Garden is open more often and is not just full of flowers, but has major outdoor works of sculpture and art and a cafe and gorgeous scenery.

Brighton Pier

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At the end of Brighton’s famous pier, there is a whole range of theme park rides available. So if you have an urge for adrenaline, go and grab yourself a wristband to go on the Turbo Coaster, the Galaxia, and Air Race. You can get a wristband from the site or the pier, and they range from £20 online to £25 on the pier.

Jungle Rumble

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Jungle Rumble is an adventure mini-golf course on the seafront in Brighton. For half the course, at 18 holes, you can have a go at Jungle Rumble for only £8 per person, or £7 for students! Or you can go for 26 at £13/£12. There’s a cafe on site, and the whole course is Jungle Rumble themed!


Outdoor activities near me
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For any sporting fans, Yellowave is a court on the seafront that you can book out to play beach sports! It’s £25 an hour in the summer for the volleyball court or footvolley pitch!