One of the highlights of going to university is the opportunity to meet new people and gain new skills. An easy way to do this is through joining a student society, where you’ll get to know others with similar interests. That’s why it’s important to find a society that reflects your passion, whether that’s a hobby or something related to your future career. So, we’ve created a list of all of the best student societies in Brighton (from both the University of Brighton and Sussex University) to help you choose.

University of Brighton Student Societies

E-Sports Society

The E-sports society is one of the best student societies in Brighton
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The E-Sports society at the University of Brighton aims to bring competitive gaming to students. They have been running for over three years now and have participated in numerous leagues and events. They’ve also competed in a number of games including League of Legends, Counter Strike Global Offensive, Overwatch, Rocket League and much more.

Criminology Society

Criminology is one of the student societies on offer at Brighton
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Do you have an interest in crime and criminality? Then you might be interested in joining the Criminology Society! People can join the society regardless of what they are studying, and the whole committee is full of people passionate about the subject. The society has been nominated for ‘Event of the Year’ and the ‘Society of the Month’ in the past.

The group aims to host interesting events and fun socials, along with staying up to date with current events and debates that are essential to the topic area.

Music Society

Music societies are part of student living
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The music society is open to anyone, and its aim is purely to bring a group of people together to play music. There are sessions on Mondays, which are similar to jam sessions, and Fridays, which host much more formal setlists. It’s for all music lovers so you can bring your own instrument, or just listen.

Outside of the society, the group also hosts open mics, society socials and all sorts of other events and quizzes.

Table Top Games Society

Table Top Games Soc sussex
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Table Top Society aims to promote social interaction through playing fantastic and fun board games as well as taking part in Dungeon and Dragons campaigns. The idea of the society is to play RPGs and tabletop games in a safe space where participants can all just enjoy themselves. On top of that, the society hopes to expand participants’ experiences by planning social events.

Whether you’re into Monopoly, Scrabble, Battleships, Cluedo, Magic: The Gathering or D&D, there’ll be something there for you.

Meditation Society

Try meditation at the university of brighton society.
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The Meditation Society aims to bring together a group of like-minded people that meditate. The hope is to get a group together to meditate every week and deepen their meditation practice. Being around others who are equally as motivated by and to do meditation will help to reduce stress and anxiety by calming the mind and the soothing the senses.

University of Sussex Student Societies

A Capella Society

Group of people singing like in an acapella music society
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Are you into music, theatre or dance? Then why not consider joining the A Capella Society of Sussex (ASS). The group is basically a real life Pitch Perfect, bringing a group together to sing without instruments. The group will sing covers of pop hits, rock anthems and everything in between. They meet twice a week to rehearse, and also host regular drinking and clubbing nights.

Board Games Society

board games soc sussex
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Board games are a great way to awaken your mind and enjoy some time with people away from screens and technology. If you’re interested in making friends, having a laugh, and winning some games, why not join the University of Sussex Board Game Society? From games like Codenames and The Resistance to Scythe and Lords of the Waterdeep, there is a game for everyone.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Society

Buffy the vampire slayer
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We all love 90s nostalgia, and what better 90s nostalgia is there than Buffy The Vampire Slayer? The series was a cult classic and is still incredibly beloved today. The society does weekly episode streaming and socials as well as content debates.

Comic Book Society

A range of comics
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The University of Sussex’s Comic Book Society is the perfect place for fans of both Marvel and DC, whether that’s the comics, the TV shows or the movies (or, of course, all 3). The society hosts weekly movie nights on campus, and is the perfect place for fellow Marvel and DC stand to make friends.

Drag Society

Drag Society
Source: Drag Society Instagram

Brighton is a great place to explore yourself, your gender and your sexuality, and drag is the epitome of that. In such an LGBTQ+ friendly city, it should come as no surprise that drag thrives in Brighton, and subsequently that there is a Drag Society at the University of Sussex.

The society hopes to explore and blur gender boundaries, improve live performance skills and provide a diverse safe space for anyone exploring their gender in a performative way.

Game Design and Development Society

Game design is a great way to meet friends through student societies
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Are you interested in game development, game art, or anything related to it? Then the Game Design and Development Society is for you. It is open to anyone, regardless of experience, and aims to connect students together to create projects, organise events, and network.

In 2022/2023, the society is visiting EGX London Expi, WASD 2023, and hosting game testing events, Unity, C# and Blender workshops, weekly socials, and Game Jam events.

Neurodiversity at Sussex

neurodiversity at sussex
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There is a slow increasing awareness of neurodiversity in adults, whether that be ADHD, autism or AuDHD (both!). Things like OCD and event mental health issues can often also be considered neurodivergence, too. With an increase in awareness comes an increase in those realising that they in fact have such conditions. If that’s you, and you’re in need of a community – the Neurodiversity at Sussex group is the place for you.


The city is a great student hub, with people of different cultures and backgrounds. That’s why Brighton has one of the best selections of student societies in the UK. Of course, if you haven’t found the right one for you, you can always think about starting your own.

Last Updated on June 5, 2024