With many people now turning to a meat-free lifestyle – whether for ethical or dietary reasons – restaurants have improved their vegetarian menu options massively. Bristol in particular acts as a host to a wide range of vegetarian restaurants or restaurants with great vegetarian options, and so there are certainly many choices available, as well as vegan restaurants. Here are 10 of the best vegetarian restaurants in Bristol.

1. Falafel King

Falafel King
Source: Falafel King

Falafels will forever be a top choice for both vegan and vegetarian diners, and Falafel King provides its patrons with consistently good quality menu items. The options offered combine a medley of healthy and vegetarian ingredients with timeless Middle Eastern flavour combinations. Falafel King can be found both in Bristol’s city centre and in Clifton.

2. Indian Rassasay

Indian Rassasay
Source: Indian Rassasy Instagram

This restaurant may not be 100% vegetarian, but their vegetarian options are top-notch. Located on Hotwells Road, Indian Rassasay offers a range of vegetarian dishes, including their aloo cheese tiki which is served with fresh coriander, and their basil paneer tika, paired with an uplifting fresh mint sauce. This eatery has regularly received five-star reviews from both critics and customers, so getting a great quality meal here is guaranteed.

3. The Vegetable Diva

The Vegetable Diva
Source: The Vegetable Diva.com

The Vegetable Diva isn’t only a meat-free restaurant, but one that also aims to produce zero waste, which is an inspirational goal in the backdrop of today’s climate crisis. And, on top of having such a positive ethos, this restaurant consistently produces a variety of wonderful menu choices that are updated monthly. Items on this month’s menu include Thai green curry with sticky rice and potato koftas with tomato sauce. Whatever items are on the menu are seasonal, and use locally sourced ingredients.

4. Eat a Pitta

Eat a pitta
Source: Eat a pitta

Eat a Pitta is a Bristol classic. With four different Bristol locations, it is clear that Eat a Pitta is incredibly popular with residents. The restaurants serve a range of tasty falafel dishes, which can be served with or without pittas. The vegetables are always fresh and are served in abundance, so the dishes are well worth the money.

5. Root

Screenshot 2020-07-14 at 17.47.27
Source: Root Instagram

With an extensive menu, Root would be a perfect location for your vegetarian evening meal. Situated right by the harbour, the restaurant uses the space of two shipping containers to make up a small but modern dining space. Classic favourites like gnocci are served, but with unique additions and presentation. Root makes for an interesting meal out for sure!

6. Gopal’s Curry Shack

Screenshot 2020-07-14 at 17.50.24
Source: Gopal’s Curry Shack Instagram

Gopal’s Curry Shack can be found near Wapping Wharf by Bristol’s Harbourside, and the owners have been cooking delicious Indian food together for nine years. The food combines the flavours found in classic vegetarian curries with produce obtained locally, so everything is fresh and ethically-sourced.

7. Café Kino

Source: Cafe Kino


Situated on Stokes Croft, Café Kino serves both vegetarian and vegan food, as well as classic café beverages. The cakes, falafels and burgers served are all handmade in Bristol, and the business also serves dishes made from local fruit and vegetables. Café Kino is certainly authentic, while also serving all your coffee shop favourites.

8. Edna’s Kitchen

Edna’s Kitchen
Source: Edna’s Kitchen Instagram

Edna’s Kitchen specialises in meat-free Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine and is based in their kiosk at Castle Park. This highly-rated eatery serves traditional vegetarian cuisine like falafel, and halloumi wraps, as well as a wonderful range of hot drinks. Edna’s Kitchen has a friendly and unique feel to it that couldn’t really be replicated at any chain restaurant.

9. The Lounge

Source: The Lounges


Not to be confused with the popular student nightclub ‘Lizard Lounge’, the Lounge offers delicious vegetarian options, alongside their non-vegetarian menu choices. The Bristol branch is based in Bedminster, and its walls are decorated with stunning vintage portraits. Vegetarian options include delectable veggie-burgers, and brunch options such as egg and avocado ciabatta toast.

10. Pinkmans Bakery

Pinkmans Bakery Bristol
Source: Pinkmans Bakery

This establishment has been a long-held favourite of Bristol’s student population. Serving breakfast foods to pizzas, Pinkmans are not completely vegetarian, but they offer a broad menu. Notably, their sourdough toasties can come with a wide variety of fillings, and their selection of cakes have previously been given a Bristol Good Food award.