Are you studying in Bath or Bristol and are tired of feeling bored. We’ve got you covered. Here is a list of 20 things you could do with your friends over the weekend.

1. Fashion Museum

things to do in bath and bristol
Source: Fashion Museum Bath

One of the greatest museums in Bath is the Fashion Museum. The Holborne Museum is located just a short walk from the city centre and right near Sydney Gardens. The museum hosts a number of permanent exhibitions as well as temporary ones that have included Grayson Perry’s photography.

2. Roman Baths

things to do in bath and bristol
Source: Roman Baths

If you are bored in Bath or Bristol, you can always visit the Roman Baths museum. The site has a lot of rich history which will definitely intrigue you. The museum is free of charge for students, making it the perfect boredom activity. It is one thing you can do in every weather!

3. We the Curious

things to do in bath and bristol
Source: Are We Nearly There Yet

Located in Bristol, We the Curious is one of the most intriguing museums around. The science museum provides activities for kids to adults. Learn something new about space or physics. This one will blow you away!

4. Bath Skyline Walk

things to do in bath and bristol
Source: National Trust

If you ever feel like you need something more active, there is the Skyline Walk. The walk is at least 3 miles in length, it leads you through the most wonderful points of Bath’s hilly surroundings and magnificent sights.

5. Art Galleries in Bristol

things to do in bath and bristol
Source: Arnolfini

If you’re feeling a bit more artistic, Bristol hosts a number of wonderful galleries. From contemporary to traditional art, there is a lot for you to choose from. The Arnolfini is most famous for its contemporary art, and the Royal West of England Academy exhibits one of the most classical work of the UK with artefacts from all over.

6. Banksy Art Tour

things to do in bath and bristol
Source: 365 Bristol

If you ever feel bored in Bristol, you can always go art hunting. Not only does Bristol show a variety of graffiti all around the city, it is also the home of Banksy. Banksy’s art is found all around the city. You can find guides to where to find them online.

7. Prior Park Landscape

things to do in bath and bristol
Source: Bath Echo

Prior Park is located on one of the hilly roads in Bath and charms us with its very eccentric but royal views. It is a short walk from Bath’s city centre, and its easily found from the train station.

8. Harbour Tour

things to do in bath and bristol
Source: Burry Hill Farm Bristol

As Bristol is located around water, the harbour is a wonderful place to spend time with your friends. The harbour is filled with wonderful colours and nice coffee shops as well as a pub to enjoy a drink at on a sunny afternoon. Also, there is the possibility to tour the harbour on a ferry!

9. American Museum & Gardens

Things to do in Bath and Bristol
Sopurce: Gardens Illustrated

Located in Bath, this sight only opened in 2019, and it is one of the few British projects that were completed by outside firms and architects from Sweden & Associates. It is beautiful for its range of flora and fauna, but also for its amazing sights into the valleys of Bath.

10. Clifton Suspension Bridge

things to do in bath and bristol
Source: Best of Bristol

Just a short ride from Bristol centre, visiting the suspension bridge is the perfect place to go with your friends. Take lots of selfies, group photos and enjoy the wonderful sights. The Clifton Suspension Bridge

11. Chance & Counters

things to do in bath and bristol
Source: Chance & Counters

Located only in three places in the UK, this chain of board games cafés is the perfect solution for boredom on a rainy weekend afternoon. The café is Bristol provides lots of space for game playing with over 600 different board games. They also serve a range of hot drinks and meals to make your time even enjoyable.

12. Thirsty Meeples

things to do in bath and bristol
Source: Somerset Live

Similarly to the one Bristol, Thirsty Meeples is Bath’s beloved only games café. The café has around 800 titles of games to serve you for some good fun. It gets really busy, so make sure you book in advance!

13. Bristol Lido

things to do in bath and bristol
Source: Historic Pools of Britain

When the warmer days hit and the sun blesses our days, everybody will feel the need to cool off. Bristol Lido is an amazing urban complex in the heart of Bristol with a small café, bar and an amazing outdoor pool. They have a set of packages to help you decide how you will spend your time at Bristol Lido.

14. Cube ‘Microplex’

Things to do in bath and bristol
Source: Headfirst Bristol

This venue in bristol is an all in one of a kind. The Cube is an independent cinema, an art venue, an independent museum as well as an adult creche with an aim to focus on social wellbeing. Evolving over time, the enterprise puts on art exhibitions and independent movies that are only available for a temporary time, which gives guarantees you will want to come back.

15. Cycling Trips

things to do in bath and bristol

If you are completely out of ideas, you can always borrow a bike and ride around the cities’ centre. You never know what will spring into your eye. You may find yourself exploring the unknown. On top of everything, it’s good exercise.

16. Playground Coffee House

thins to do in bath and bristol
Source: Trip Advisor

This coffee shop in Bristol is bound to make you fall in love. Its artisan coffee and its delicious meals are exactly what you need on a relaxed Sunday. Plus, the very hipster and modern casual atmosphere will make you want to stay for hours.

17. Picnic at Royal Crescent

things to do in bath and bristol
Source: Thercs

On a sunny day in Bath, having a picnic with your friends is the ultimate goal. There are multiple great spots in Bath, but the surroundings of the Royal Crescent are our top choice. Sit on the grass with the crescent at your back, and you sure will feel royal while having your picnic.

18. Visit Bath Gin Company

things to do in bath and bristol
Source: Bath Botanics

This independent Bath Distillery has some of the finest botanicals from across the world. If you are craving a new experience, this is it. Come on an evening to try their original cocktails or buy a bottle to try for yourself at home.

19. Jane Austen Museum

things to do in bath and bristol
Source: Jane Austen

If you like classical literature, you may be interested in visiting the Jane Austen Museum. Located near the Circus in Bath, it is a nice activity to fill your afternoon with it. Listen to the story of Austen’s life and learn how all her stories came about.

20. Guidhall Market Shopping

things to do in bath and bristol
Source: Restaurant Guru

One of our favourite spots in Bath is the Guidhall Building. Among everything, it has a market inside that has absolutely everything on offer – rom an independent bookstore to an amazing handmade notebooks shop. It has a small café inside, too, making it perfect for you to have a mid-shopping snack.