For any bookworm going to university for the first time, finding a good library to read and study in is a must. Studying in cafés or halls is all well and good, but if you are looking for even more of a change of scene, libraries are a great option. So, with that in mind, here is a list of some of the best libraries in Bristol for university students.

(Keep in mind that many of the libraries on this list may be currently closed due to COVID-19, or are running on a reduced service.)

1. Arts and Social Sciences Library – UOB

Arts and Social Sciences Library UOB
Source: University of Bristol

For the University of Bristol’s arts students, the Arts and Social Sciences Library can be found on Tyndall Avenue, and it acts as a comfortable home for a large catalogue of useful texts. From languages to literature, it can be fun to spend hours browsing the shelves. Even if you do an arts subject, the study spaces, particularly in the café area, are very popular. But be sure to get there early if you are looking for a study space, as these fill up quickly!

2. Wills Memorial Library – UOB

Source: University of Bristol

If you are searching for a slightly grander library experience, the Wills Memorial Library can certainly provide this. With elegantly laid-out floors and an extensive selection of earth science and law books, this library exudes a much more classical vibe compared to the arts library mentioned above. Although, unlike the Arts and Social Sciences Library, the Wills Memorial Library is not open 24 hours a day. For any fans of the dark academia aesthetic, the Wills Memorial Library is a must-visit for a study session.

3. Chemistry Library – UoB

Source: University of Bristol

The University of Bristol Chemistry Library is another great spot if you are seeking a study space. Obviously, the majority of the texts inside are science-oriented, but the building itself has some functional, modern study areas if you are looking for somewhere to work on an assignment, regardless of the topic matter.

4. Frenchay Library – UWE

For students studying at UWE, the library there offers sleek group study spaces with computers available, as well as a wide variety of books on a range of topics. Whether you need a silent study space or a group study space, this library offers a plethora of choice, as well as a 24/7 online chat service to help you with your research. Catering to the majority of students, this library is certainly worth a visit during the revision period.

5. Central Library


Source: Bristol Live

Venturing beyond a university campus may be a preference for certain students, and Bristol’s Central Library would be ideal for this. The early 20th-century building stands tall by College Green and is worth exploring for any Bristol bookworm looking to borrow a new read. There are a multitude of study spaces inside, and so if you are looking to escape uni for a time, the Central Library can provide a bit of peace away from campus.