Bristol is well renowned for being jam-packed with various activities such as going to bars, clubbing, dining out and visiting beautiful landscapes including the Harbourside. So for those of you who feel like you have ticked off all the activities you could possibly do in Bristol, this article will prove you wrong. Here are some unusual things to do in Bristol.

1. Dine at Steak of the Art

Address: Unit 1, Balmoral House, Cathedral Walk, Canons Way, Bristol BS1 5LW

Steak of Art
Source: Open Table

If you’re looking to experience a unique meal out, go and check out Steak of the Art. What makes this restaurant stand out is the fact that it is also an art gallery! Whilst you enjoy your meal, you can sit on the uniquely crafted funky furniture and admire the beautiful art on the walls. The restaurant specialises in serving steaks as their chefs are meat experts and so there will be no worry about your steak not being cooked to perfection. If you’re not a steak lover, they also cook just as juicy burgers, fish and of course vegetarian dishes.  One thing is for sure when you visit Steak of the Art, expect to have all your senses satisfied.

2. Go on a cheese crawl

Cheese Crawl
Source: Design My Night

Calling all cheese lovers! Your ultimate cheese dreams will be met if you go on the two hour Clifton Village cheese crawl. Whatever type of cheese you enjoy the most, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to indulge in some of Bristol’s finest cheeses. The tour occurs every Saturday and commences at The Mall Gardens, with the route passing many award-winning local cheese shops. The tour will also consist of a quiz where you can really test out your cheese knowledge.

3. Have a pint at Bag of Nails Pub

Address: 141 St George’s Rd, Hotwells, Bristol BS1 5UW

Bag Of Nails Pub
SourcE: Time Out

Bag of Nails Pub is one of the most unique pubs in Bristol. The old fashioned pub unexpectedly houses a large number of cats. Whilst you’re enjoying a few pints, you can stroke or just admire the cats wandering around – what more could you possibly wish for?! This pub also gives off a hip vibe as it provides a free record player with bohemian records to jam to. So if you are sick of going to the same pub all the time, head down to Bag of Nails Pub.

4. Explore the Clifton Rocks Railway

Address: 1 Sion Hill, Clifton, Bristol BS8 4DQ

Clifton Railway
Source: Bristol Live

For those who love a bit of history, why not take a trip to the Clifton Rocks Railway. The Clifton Rocks Railway is a historical site often forgotten about when listing places to visit in Bristol. This might be because – as the name suggests – the old railway tunnel is hidden in the rocks lining the road running past the River Avon. The underground railway was first revealed in 1893 as a way to link the spa with the port below. However, this tunnel’s use changed during WWII when locals refuged here. During this time, this tunnel also became a camp for the BBC, and even after the war, the BBC kept their studio here until they moved out in 1960. So if you’re interested in visiting this site rich in Bristol’s history, they offer guided tours where they will provide a more detailed account of the railway’s historical significance.

5. Visit Vale Street

Address: Vale Street, Bristol, BS4 3BT

Vale Street
Source: Imgur

If you enjoy visiting extremely quirky sites, then be sure to go to Vale Street. Bristol is famous for its steep hills, and as a student, we all know the pain of trying to frantically hurry up the hill to get to the lecture on time. However, nothing will beat Vale Street. This street is the steepest street in England with roughly a 22-degree gradient. This incredible incline has meant that locals have to tie their parked card to lamp posts when it becomes icy!

6. Discover We the Curious

Address: 1 Millennium Square, Anchor Rd, Bristol BS1 5DB

We The Curious
Source: Bristol 247

Situated in the middle of Millennium Square, We the Curious is hidden in a mysterious silver sphere. Surprisingly, We the Curious is not simply a piece of architecture but is an educational charity and interactive venue. The best activity on offer here is its 3D planetarium. After you enter the sphere, you are taken into a world of stars, and a guided tour will take you through the constellations and explain the history of stars. At prices as low as £3.50, it is a fun and unusual way to enjoy a day out.

7. Take a stroll at Leigh Woods

Address: Abbots Leigh, Bristol BS8 3QB

Leigh Woods
Source: Wanderers of the World

If you assumed that there is no wildlife to relish in Bristol’s busy city, then you would be mistaken. Leigh Woods is a perfect way to escape the city and relax whilst taking in the fresh air. Located right by the Clifton Suspension Bridge, it also means that to get to the woods you do not have to spend hours trekking there – it’s certainly an easy way to take a quick