I think we can all agree that the University experience is a good mix of working hard and playing hard. Therefore, nightclubs have become a large part of student social life. Although Coronavirus has put a stop on this, there is no harm in being prepared for getting back out there to have some fun when this all passes. So whether you enjoy drum n bass, pop or RnB, here is a list of 8 of the best nightclubs in Bristol.

1. The Lanes

Address: 22 Nelson St, Bristol BS1 2LE

Nightclubs in Bristol The Lanes
Source: The Lanes Facrbook

If you’re looking for somewhere to go to for a day out, The Lanes is the place for you. This venue is a bowling alley by day, and by night, it transforms into a lively club. If you find yourself needing a break from dancing, they also offer a karaoke room for you to sing your heart out. So to enjoy an action-packed day, The Lanes is highly recommended.

2. Thekla

Address: The Grove, East Mud Dock, Bristol BS1 4RB

Nightclubs in Bristol Thekla
Source: Thekla Bristol Facebook

Looking to experience a very Bristol night out? Situated on a boat on the Harbourside, Thekla is Bristol’s #1 floating club. Thekla has become a favourite of both locals and University students alike. You can enjoy their weekly club nights, including Thursday night’s Pressure – the ultimate indie and alternative club night with 2-4-1 drinks all night long, or Saturday’s Pop Confessional – where you can confess your sins to all your favourite guilty pop pleasures!

3. Motion

Address: 74-78 Avon St, Bristol BS2 0PX

Nightclubs in Bristol Motion
Source: Motion Bristol Facebook

Originally an industrial complex consisting of a number of warehouses, this award-winning club is renowned for their massive venue. The venue also features state of the art technology to elevate your night to the next level. For these reasons making Motion an impressive venue, it has been able to host some of the best music brands such as Bristolian’ The Blast’, to international ‘Defected’ and ‘Cocoon’.

4. Blue Mountain

Address: 2 Stokes Croft, St Paul’s, Bristol BS1 3PR

Nightclub in Bristol Blue Mountain
Source: Blue Mountain Facebook

Famous in the underground music scene, Blue Mountain is a perfect club to go to if you enjoy hardcore techno, drum and bass and trance music. In the summer, the club is also known for their rave taking place on their large outdoor terrace. So for those that like to party till the early hours of the morning all year round, head down to the Blue Mountain.

5. Lizard Lounge

Address: 66 Queens Rd, Bristol BS8 1QU

Nightclubs in Bristol Lizard Lounge
Source: Lizard Lounge Facebook

Are you into your cheesy tunes, cheap entry and drink deals – and I mean who isn’t? Well I am happy to reveal that Lizard Lounge will provide you with all of this. The club is also located on the Triangle, meaning that it is extremely easy to get to. Therefore, there is no question why Lizard Lounge has become a hot spot for students. If you are a fresher, be sure to check the club out with your new mates to create memories to look back on.

6. OMG

Address: 1-2 Frog Ln, Bristol BS1 5NF

Nightclubs in Bristol OMG
Source: OMG Bristol Facebook

Located under the bridge at the bottom of Park Street, OMG is Bristol’s most popular gay club. At OMG you can expect to bust out some moves with drag queens on an LED dance floor. Be sure to go on their Tuesday student night ‘Candyshop’ for their free entry and super cheap drink deals. There is one thing for sure, once you go to OMG you will have so much fun that you will be unable to refrain from going again.

7. Pop World

Address: 16-24 Baldwin St., Avon, Bristol BS1 1SE

Nightclubs in Bristol Popworld
Source: PopWorld Bristol Facebook

As the name suggests, Pop World specialises in playing pop music from all decades. Their décor also plays on this theme with their multicoloured lights and mirror balls oozing an 80’s bar theme. So if you are a student pop lover and fancy experiencing what it was like to have a famous night out in the 80’s that everyone talks about, go and try out Pop World.

8. SWX

Address: 15 Nelson St, Bristol BS1 2JY

Nightclubs in Bristol SWX Bristol
Source: SWX Bristol

SWX is a personal favourite as it one of the few venues in central Bristol which provides a whole floor solely dedicated to Hip Hop and RnB music. The club is split into two floors with the other playing the latest popular tunes from the charts. The diversity in music SWX provides means that they also host a large number of live performances with some of the world’s most famous artists from different genres. So if you want a change from most of Bristol’s clubs playing techno or drum n bass, get down to SWX.

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