Enjoying a drink outside is one of the best ways to enjoy your day or evening on a hot summers day. With Bristol being such a scenic city, beer gardens are a great way to appreciate the city’s landscapes with your friends. Here are 10 of the best beer gardens in Bristol.

1. The Apple

Address: Welsh Back, Bristol BS1 4SB

The Apple
Source: The Apple Facebook

If you ask a Bristolian to name their favourite go-to place to drink outside, they will be sure to mention The Apple. The Apple is known for its large array of ciders; attracting the cider lovers from all areas of the city. They typically have 40 types of ciders on offer, including their very own brewed brand. The Apple even stock the well-known Old Bristolian cider with an alcohol percentage of 8.4%, enough to make sure you enjoy a boozy afternoon.

2. The White Rabbit

Address: 33 Gordon Rd, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1AW

The rooftop terrace at the White Rabbit is a perfect way to enjoy the sun. Their terrace is covered with potted plants, allowing you to relax and immerse yourself in some greenery whilst having a pint. If you find yourself fancying a bit of shade, you can also pop downstairs and play some pool or darts whilst you cool down. The White Rabbit also often have an amazing deal of 2 for 1 on their pizzas – simply irresistible! One thing to note is that the White Rabbit’s terrace is relatively small and so if you are planning to go on a nice day, make sure you get there swiftly because they run out of spaces quickly.

3. The Colston Arms

Address: 24 St Michael’s Hill, Bristol BS2 8DX

The Colston Arms is a pub with a small yet cosy garden with a view overlooking the city. A mere five-minute walk from the University of Bristol, it has become a hot spot for many students. The pub is renowned for its reasonably priced yet delicious roast dinners and burgers. For students missing their home roasts, head to the Colston Arms on a Sunday. What’s more, they regularly hold pub quizzes, making for a fun activity to do with your friends.

4. Bristol Marriott

4. The Urban Roof Terrace at the Bristol Marriott Hotel City Centre

Address: 2 Lower Castle Street, Bristol, BS1 3AD

Bristol Marriott
Source: Bristol Marriot Royal Hotel Facebook

Although this venue is situated on top of a hotel, Bristol Marriott’s roof terrace is just as good a candidate for this list of the city’s best beer gardens. Located in the city centre and in walking distance to the shopping centre Cabot Circus, it is a great way to wind down from a long day without having to go far at all. The rooftop terrace is fully furnished with wooden decking and installed with fairy lights to give a cheerful back garden feel. They also hold a great 2-4-1 offer on their cocktails everyday from 4 to 7pm.

5. Bambalan

Source: Pexel

Address: Podium Level, Colston Tower, Colston Street, Bristol BS1 4XE

Another rooftop garden situated bang in the middle of the city centre is Bambalan. Bambalan is a lively bar which will easily make you forget that you are in a bustling city and not on holiday. Indulge on their divine Mediterranean and Middle Eastern menu whilst sipping on some cocktails at their happy hour from 4 till 9 pm. At Bambalan you can also have your meal and drink whilst listening to live music performed by bands and DJs. One thing is for sure, at this bar you will be sure to have a vibrant day or evening.

6. The Grain Barge

Address: Hotwell Rd, Bristol BS8 4RU

The Grain Barge
Source: Grain Barge Facebook

At the Grain Barge, you can enjoy some food and drink on the top deck of a renovated 1930s ship. How much more Bristol can you get?! Docked at the Harbourside, you can look out onto a great view of the riverside and the historic SS Great Britain. The Grain Barge provide only the finest independently brewed beers and ciders as well as cooking with locally produced ingredients.

7. The Ostrich

Address: Lower Guinea St, Redcliffe, Bristol BS1 6TJ

The Ostrich
Source: Butcombe

The Ostrich is also a pub situated right by the beautiful Harbourside. Although the pub does not explicitly have a garden, it has a large terrace with plenty of space. Located on the quieter side of the city it is a great way to escape the busy city. You can also spot the colourful buildings and watch the bustling streets across the river in Redcliffe, making it a perfect way to enjoy a summers day.

8. The White Lion

Address: Passage Rd, Bristol BS9 3HN

Admire the Clifton Suspension Bridge at the White Lion Bar
Source: White Lion Bar Instagram

The White Lion is a prime spot for admiring one of the most famous architectures in Bristol. The White Lion’s terraced garden allows you to enjoy a meal and drink whilst overlooking the Clifton Suspension Bridge. In the evening, grab a spot right in front of the bridge and watch the picturesque sunset. If you are worried about feeling chilly in the evening and it shortening your trip, do not threat as the terrace has heating. For obvious reasons, the White Lion is a local favourite and so be quick to secure your spot when the weather is nice.

9. The Mall

Address: 66 The Mall, Bristol, BS84JG

Source: The Mall Pub Bristol

If you want to visit a beer garden outside of the city centre, The Mall in Clifton Village is recommended. The Mall offers three tiers of decked space to wine and dine. The numerous plants dotted around the decking gives off a fantastic aura of being submerged in nature. What’s more, due to the seating area being situated high up, you can grab some drinks whilst enjoying the serene atmosphere of Clifton Village.

10. Stokes Croft Beer Garden

Address: Backfields, St Paul’s, Bristol BS2 8QP

Stokes Croft Beer Garden
Source: Stokes Croft Beer Garden Facebook

The Stokes Croft Beer Garden is a go-to-spot for many students and young people in Bristol, particularly in the summer. Layered with astroturf and the seating area consisting of benches and bean bags, this beer garden transports you to a tropical island for a calming retreat. The beer garden provides various locally sourced beers and regularly hold delicious barbeque weekends. Although it is located slightly further away from the city centre, it is worth the short trek.

With so many beer gardens on offer in Bristol, whether you fancy experiencing a livelier garden or somewhere more relaxing, this list shows that there is certainly somewhere for everyone to visit and enjoy a pint.

Last Updated on June 25, 2024