Dating at university can be a novel experience, and the city itself is full of exciting opportunities for these experiences. Though, when you are still trying to budget and save for the future, the prospect of these outings can seem all too expensive. Thankfully, there are many ways to avoid emptying your wallet on a date night. Here are some cheap Bristol date night ideas!

1. Go on a charming city bike ride

Source: Yo Bikes

There are bicycles available for hire all over the city centre, and these are often inexpensive and readily available. As well as being a unique way to see the city itself, they can be put to great use for a more active and open-air date. Specifically, the YoBike app would allow you to hire a bike in Bristol for only £1 an hour, or £5 for 24-hours, providing an affordable yet romantic afternoon date. Just be sure to choose a day when it won’t be raining!

2. Walk the Clifton Suspension Bridge

For a great date night that would also allow you to see some of Bristol’s more iconic architecture, walking the Clifton Suspension Bridge and taking time to view it from a distance as well can be very romantic, especially at night. It can be fun to grab a takeaway to share in Clifton Village and then view the bridge from the Clifton side where the best views are available. Or why not simply go for a walk together along the bridge and take in the views of the cityscape?

3. Take a stroll through Leigh Wood

Leigh Wood
Source: Countryfile

If you and your partner both love the outdoors, taking a trip to the nearby Leigh Wood for a walk or a picnic could provide a charming date experience. This national reserve sits close to the Clifton Suspension Bridge and can be gorgeous on a sunny day. Leigh Woods can provide great peace and quiet away from the city’s hustle and bustle and can be an ideal location for a summertime picnic.

4. Grab a pint at your student union

If you’re looking for a cheap pub date and want a change from your nearest Wetherspoons, you may not have to look further than your student union. The University of Bristol’s Balloon Bar is close to the main university buildings and serves cheap but tasty food. UWE has Union 2, which also offers great prices on a range of menu items. Both student unions televise live sports and can provide a perfect atmosphere for a chilled-out date night.

5. Why not see some student theatre together?

Going out to watch student theatre is not only much more affordable than mainstream productions but by doing so you would be supporting arts societies within your institution. You can often book online on your university’s SU website, which would detail which productions are running during the year. There are also often great comedy nights hosted at student unions, which usually run at the start of each term. So, for any couple who love to watch live shows together, student theatre is not only reasonably priced but very enjoyable as well.

6. Watch the sunset at the harbourside

Sunsets are never not romantic, and Bristol harbourside is the perfect place to sit and watch as the sky turns from blue to hues of pink and orange. Why not bring a small picnic or a flask of hot chocolate and make a real evening of it. You can find the exact time of sunset by googling ‘Bristol sunset’, to make sure you plan it right.

7. Pirate Mini Golf

Source: piratebayadventuregolf

While this is the priciest suggestion on the list, for only £9.30 each you and your partner can go and play pirate adventure golf. It’s sure to kill a few hours and cause a few fits of laughter when you inevitably can’t get any hole in ones.

8. See the city from the top of Cabot Tower

Source: Bristol Live

Cabot Tower is free to visit, and whilst there are a lot of steps and it’s a narrow building, it is an incredible view once you reach the top. So if you can persuade your loved one to make the climb, make sure you take a camera with you.

9. Take a visit to Windmill Hill City Farm and spend a day surrounded by nature

Source: Visit Bristol

The farm is free entry and they have animals, flower gardens and even trails with walking tours. Combine this with the cafe and the play park, you’ve got lots of Instagram worthy fun to be had, that will all fit within your student budget.

10. Do some bowling at The Lanes 

Source: The Lanes

For £3 – £5 per person with a Student ID, you can both go and have some friendly competition over at Bristol’s The Lanes. If you’re willing to spend a little more cash, they sell food and drinks too. Make it a dinner and game night if you’re after a longer date.

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