Love a trip to the pub but bored of touring all the local Weatherspoon’s? Well, you’re in luck as there are many other great pubs to choose from. Whether you fancy a pub where you can watch some live sport or prefer somewhere you can have a hearty dinner, you will be sure to find a perfect fit for you. Here are 14 of the best pubs in Bristol revealed.

1.    Brewhouse & Kitchen Bristol

Brewhouse & Kitchen Bristol
Source: Brewhouse & Kitchen

Address: 31-35 Cotham Hill, Redland, Bristol BS6 6JY

Located in the picturesque Cotham, Brewhouse & Kitchen is a nice and cosy local pub where you can enjoy a few drinks with a quick brunch or generous dinner. Their signature menu includes a beer infused roast chicken; so if you’re looking for a twist on your roast dinner, try out Brewhouse & Kitchen. The pub even has an on-site small brewery for you to enjoy the best locally brewed ales. The brewery also holds gin and beer master classes every week – perfect for those gin and beer enthusiasts out there.

2. The Greenback


Address: 57 Bellevue Road, Easton, Bristol, BS5 6DP

Think vintage décor when paying a visit to this place. They have cheap beers and a good wine list. The food menu isn’t too bad either. Recently refurbed its fast becoming a favourite among students.

3. The Steam Crane


The Steam Crane
Source: The Steam

Address: 4-6 North Street

The Steam Crane is a student favourite hot spot and its not hard to see why. With its electric décor and snazzy artwork it draws crowds in. They have an extensive list of entertainment including live Jazz bands, live music, DJS and up and coming bands. The drinks list is impressive, with local, American and British beers on offer.

4. The White Bear


. The White Bear
Source: The White Bear Facebook

Address: 133 St Michael’s Hill

This spot is extremely popular among students, especially as they very often offer £5 for burger and chips deal! This is a party destination of choice when it gets dark, they have DJS playing, comedy nights, drinks flowing and great conversation swirling. Its the place to be if your looking for a lively, fun night!

5. Beerd

Source: Beerd

Address: 157-159 St Michael’s Hill

Beerd oozes American dinner vibes and serves a selection of American beers. They serve the most delicious pizzas which are all made fresh with some interesting mixes. Try their pizza of the day!

6. The Bag of Nails

The Bag of Nails
Source: Bag of Nails,Bristol Facebook

Address: 141 St George’s Rd, Hotwells, Bristol BS1 5UW

There is no doubt that The Bag of Nails is one of the most unique pubs in Bristol. The pub gives off a fun and lively environment as it hosts a quiz every Tuesday and offers board games for visitors to play with friends. However, if you’re thinking that this doesn’t sound too different to any other pub, you would be mistaken. What makes The Bag of Nails so different is the fact that it unexpectedly houses over half a dozen felines who roam around the pub. Get down to The Bag of Nails to have a drink whilst stroking a furry friend – what more could you want?

7. The Grain Barge

The Grain Barge
Source: Grain Barge

Address: Hotwell Rd, Bristol BS8 4RU

If you’re looking to experience a pub which represents the epitome of Bristol, then try the floating pub The Grain Barge. This pub has been converted from a ship to a charmingly decked dining area docked on the Harbourside. Sit out on the top deck and take in the beautiful surrounding scenery and indulge in some food and drink. It is clear that The Grain Barge is a great way to enjoy a nice summers day in Bristol.

8. The Hatchet Inn

The Hatchet Inn
Source: The Hatchet Inn Facebook

Address: 27 Frogmore St, Bristol BS1 5NA

Originally founded in 1606, The Hatchet is one of the oldest pubs you will discover in Bristol. Nestled away in the city, this Tudor-style pub offers great classic pub meals as well as more modern vegan and vegetarian dishes. With much of the original building – including a grand fireplace and striking wooden beams – still present, you will be sure to wine and dine whilst appreciating the beautiful architecture. What’s more the pub is also well-renowned for hosting rock and heavy metal nights.

9. The Horts

The Horts
Source: Horts Townhouse

Address: 49 Broad St, Bristol BS1 2EP

Love going to the pub to watch some sport over a pint with your friends? Then head down to The Horts. Despite the pub having a traditional external appearance, the interior is surprisingly modern. What makes The Horts a prime spot for sport lovers is its cinema room which showcases Sky Sports. Sit back and relax whilst supporting your favourite team play.

10. The Ostrich

The Ostrich
Source: The Ostrich pub

Address: Lower Guinea St, Redcliffe, Bristol BS1 6TJ

Situated on the outskirts of the city centre and right by the Harbourside, The Ostrich is a great pub to go to to unwind from the busy city life. The Ostrich easily has Bristol’s largest beer garden where you can enjoy the view of the city and riverside. Their outdoor seating area is also covered, meaning that you will no longer need to do a rain check when going to a beer garden.

11. The Christmas Steps

The Christmas Steps
Source: The Christmas Steps

Address: 2 Christmas Steps, Bristol BS1 5BS

Hidden behind the city centre, The Christmas Steps has proved to be a local favourite. They are much loved for their extensive wine and ale menu with various locally brewed drinks on constant rotation. The ingredients that their kitchen uses are also locally sourced, ensuring that you indulge in some great quality food and drink. In the evening, the pub and surrounding small alley is lit up with fairy lights to give off a warm feeling.

12. The Coronation Tap

The Coronation Tap
Source: The Coronation Tap Facebook

Address: 8 Sion Pl, Clifton, Bristol BS8 4AX

The Coronation Tap is a Georgian pub famed for its extremely strong Exhibition Cider containing double the percentage of alcohol than a usual cider. Despite being far out of the city centre, Coronation Tap has become a popular destination where many students flock to, to take on a challenge of completing 10 ciders before 10pm; with many failing. If you want to go and check out their unique cider but don’t fancy having a messy night, don’t worry as the pub also hosts live music performances for you to enjoy. A tip for when you go, be sure to get there quick as it is a small pub and so places get taken quickly.

13. The Old Duke

The Old Duke
Source: The Old Duke

Address: 45 King St, Bristol BS1 4ER

Amongst the cobbled streets in the heart of the city centre, The Old Duke proudly stands with its distinctive bright red exterior. A pub with a modest yet spacious beer garden, visiting it will be a great way to enjoy the day when the weather is nice. If you prefer a pub trip in the evening, The Old Duke host live jazz performances every night. So if you are a music enthusiast or just in the mood for some music and a bit of booze, hit up The Old Duke.

This list of 13 of the best pubs in Bristol represents just a glimpse of the sheer variation of pubs the city has to offer. There is no question that there are many more wonderful pubs in Bristol. However, if you’re looking to go somewhere new, why not start by trying one of the pubs mentioned above – I can guarantee you won’t regret it.

14. The Cornubia


Source: The Cornubia Pub

Address: 142 Temple Street. BS1 6EN

This is located off the beaten track but its deffo worth the hunt! With its super friendly vibe and cosy atmosphere, you’ll love this place for a beer with friends. It has an extensive list of beers to choose from so don’t be shy and try the most random!

Let us know what your favourite Bristol pubs are in the comments. We’ll give it a try and may very well update the list!