Cardiff is well-known for being on the cheaper side when it comes to nights out and drinks, compared to other places in the UK (don’t even need to go on when it comes to London- basically double the prices of anywhere else!). There are an abundance of places that you can go, which are the perfect hot-spots for any budding romances, first dates, or anniversaries! Here is a list of some of Cardiff’s finer restaurants to dine at, but not necessarily the most expensive! I have also tried to broaden the restaurants, so they aren’t too similar in what types of food they serve.

1. Ask Italian / Zizzi – Wyndham Arcade/ St Mary’s Street

Source: Ask Italian

The reason I put them both up here, is because I think they are both so similar and give excellent discounts between Sunday and Wednesday during term time, up to 40% off the whole bill! These chain restaurants serve a cuisine tailored towards the Italian lover, from pizza to pasta, starters, mains and desserts as well as soft and alcoholic beverages to devour. They both also cater to the typical ‘date night’ well by having set menus which are also incredibly cheap, and allows for tough decisions on what meals to be eaten very quickly! I have eaten here many times, and I have never had any complaints! Food, atmosphere, price and variety – ticks all the boxes!

2. Ed’s Easy Diner, St Davids

Ed's Easy Diner
Source: Trip Advisor

This place also has a discount within the weekdays, so it essentially slashes 50% off the entire bill! They serve an abundance of delicious American style food, from hotdogs to burgers and the classic milkshakes that we all know and love. The prices are already reasonable for again, a chain, but adding that student discount makes it much more satisfying! They do stacked fries, desserts as well as the usuals, and the style of the restaurant is 50s themed, so has jukeboxes to make that date feel like you stepped out of a retro movie, and more memorable!

3. Wahaca, St David’s

Source: Fat Frocks

Mexican food is my all-time favourite go-to cuisine when it comes to dates. Wahaca is also a suitable spot for your loved one, as their menu is also extensive, serving lots of vegan and vegetarian dishes. From burritos to tacos and quesadillas, you can’t get bored with what they offer. They also have incredible margaritas and other cocktails for a fun date night in Cardiff.

4. The Taf, Cardiff University

The most popular location on the university campus! The Taf has a long line of people waiting to go in, and although it may not be the most romantic of places to attend on a stereotypical date night, it is still somewhere that serves cheap pints and really good food on a student-friendly budget- from burgers to chilli con carne, dirty fries to cheesy chips, whatever you want, the menu probably caters for you. They do cocktails nights, 2 for 1s on mains, so definitely somewhere worth remembering which is only a short walk away from student houses and accommodation.

5. Prince of Wales/ Wetherspoon’s

Cardiff Wetherspoons
Source: JD Wetherspoon

Who doesn’t love spoons? That’s a hard question to counter-argue. Not only do they have such a good menu of choices, there are so many of these dotted around Cardiff, awaiting drinkers and eaters galore. It is also so cheap, and the meal and drink deals are so great for first dates and when you are craving food or can’t be bothered to cook! There is no need to find discount codes because you know you are getting cheap but amazing quality food to enjoy.

6. Blackweir Tavern, Cardiff


A pub date is also one of my favourite places to eat, and sometimes I prefer it to eating out in a normal restaurant! Something about the atmosphere, the people and the cosy feel that makes a pub date so much nicer than going all out and trying to be fancy. I recommend out of many great ones in Cardiff, The Blackweir because again, they have amazing discounts such as two mains for £10, two steaks for £15 amongst other deals. And their desserts are divine! Such a cheap bill, high-quality food and exemplary service.