Halloween is only two weeks away, so now is the perfect time to start making plans! If you’re in Cardiff for Halloween this year, there are loads of different events for you to go to. From raves in nightclubs to Halloween-themed bingo, there’s a lot of choice. So, if you’re looking for the best Halloween events in Cardiff for 2023, here’s our list of student parties, club nights and different themed events you can make!

1. Bedlam Halloween

Bedlam Halloween
Source: Bedlam Instagram

This year, Cardiff’s student union are hosting a huge Halloween rave at their nightclub, Y Plas! This event has loads of big names playing, such as Sub Focus, Sota, and A Little Sound! Happening on the Friday the 27th, you still have loads of time to plan your costume and get your tickets. The price for a ticket is currently £29.64, but they are selling out fast! This event is lasting the whole night, starting at 10pm and finishing at 4am, so you better get ready for a long night!

Address: 2nd Floor, Park Pl, Cardiff CF10

2. Fixate Halloween Party

Fixate Halloween Party
Source: Fixate House & Techno Instagram

The Fixate Halloween Party is one of the best Halloween events in Cardiff for 2023! In the scenic location of Cardiff Bay, Lo Lounge is hosting this Fixate Halloween Party, and obviously it sounds amazing! During the night, acts such as Butch Queen, Madame Twisted, and Dan Waite will be performing! This event is taking place on Saturday the 28th of October, so it’s gonna be a busy night for sure. Tickets are only £15, which is definitely one of the cheaper Halloween events on this list. If you’re thinking of going, book your tickets now!

Address: Porth Teigr Way, Cardiff CF10 4GA

3. The Halloween Nightmare festival

The Halloween Nightmare festival
Source: The Halloween Nightmare Facebook

The Halloween Nightmare Festival is an event being hosted at Revolution in Cardiff. This event has loads to offer, such as a live freak stage show, walk-around circus performers, and even a midnight confetti balloon drop! Tickets have been selling out fast, so head over to the website to have a look and see what’s available. Dressing up is a must for this event, so you better start planning your costume!

Address: 9-10 Castle St, Cardiff CF10 1BS

4. Halloween Burlesque Fantasy

Halloween Burlesque Fantasy
Source: Cardiff Cabaret Club Facebook

If you’re looking for a Halloween night out without the alcohol, then this Halloween Burlesque Fantasy show is for you! This event will include a contorted clown and a pole-dancing temptress, which is perfect for a Halloween show. There will also be other performances as well during the night, so have a look at their website to find out more. Tickets are £18, but as seating is unreserved, you’ll probably want to go there early to make sure you and your friends can all grab a seat together. This event is taking place on the 27th and 28th of October, so book your tickets now if you’re interested!

Address: Bute Pl, Cardiff CF10 5AL

5. Bingo Lingo

The best Halloween events in Cardiff 2023
Source: Instagram, @bingolingo

Bingo Lingo is always a guaranteed good night out, so obviously their Halloween-themed night has made our list. This year, they are hosting on two different nights in Cardiff, on the 27th and 28th, so you have plenty of chance to go! If you don’t know what Bingo Lingo is, it’s basically Bingo but kicked up a notch, with more dancing, alcohol, and crazier prizes. If you’re planning on going to this event, then definitely dress up, because I can guarantee you everyone else will be! Ticket prices vary depending on what package you’re ordering, but a standard student ticket will only cost you £7.70! You definitely have to book soon, because these tickets go fast!

Address: Industrial Estate, DEPOT, Unit 8 Curran Rd, Cardiff CF10 5DF

6. The Purge Halloween Brunch

The Purge Halloween Brunch
Source: Design my Night.com

If you love all things cocktails, brunch, and Halloween, then the Purge Halloween Brunch hosted at The Cocktail Club is the perfect event for you! This event will definitely be more immersive than other brunches you’ve probably been to, as there will be live music, masked singers, and actors in the crowd! You will also have your own set of rules for the brunch, so if you commit a ‘crime’ whilst you are there, the bartenders will be sure to get you. This event sound extremely fun and interactive, which is perfect for any Halloween activity. Book your tickets now if you’re interested!

Address: 75 St Mary St, Cardiff CF10 1FA

If you’re interested in any of these events, definitely book soon, because they do sell out fast! If you’re looking for some more Halloween activities to get stuck into, read our article on a roundup of the best Halloween films to watch!

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Last Updated on June 12, 2024