There are plenty of cheap date and cheerful date activities in Edinburgh, but when you don’t know your Tinder date what should you do?

Are they vegetarian? Do they drink? Have they even heard of Princes Street?

Fear not dater, for Unifresher have put together a list of 10 awesome Tinder date ideas to satisfy even the fussiest of matches. It’s all up to you now…

1. For an active date

Princes Street Gardens or Arthur's Seat

Credit: @travelswithmyphone
Where: Princes Street Gardens or Arthur’s Seat
How much: Free

Edinburgh is one of those great cities that has a lot of green spaces, so why not take a walk through Princes Street Gardens on the off chance that it’s a nice day outside (we don’t get many so make the most of it). Or if you’re the sporty type, why not hike up Arthur’s Seat, you might not do much talking but the view will be worth it.

2. For an indulgent date

Chocolate Lounge

Credit: @JuliaBryce92
Where: Chocolate Lounge, Andrews Square, 34 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh, EH2 2AD
How much: Prices vary

Fancy but not expensive, a great combo if you’re really trying to impress that special right-swiped someone. On the top floor of Harvey Nichols, the Chocolate Lounge has a conveyor belt of delicious treats and a menu to die for. It’s the ideal place for a chocolate addict and it’s not too demanding on the purse strings!

3. For a hipster date

The Arches

Credit: @ThePopUpGeeks
Where: The Arches, East Market Street, Edinburgh, EH8 8FS
How much: Prices vary

If you bonded through a mutual love for a certain TV show or film then a themed bar is a great way of breaking the ice. The Pop Up Geeks have put on Game of Thrones and Stranger Things bars in the past and a new Harry Potter themed bar is popping up temporarily in February, so why not make the most of it? These bars always offer something special, and they’re a great casual date or precursor to a meal out.

4. For a veggie date

Paradise Palms

Credit: @EdinFoodClub
Where: Paradise Palms, 41 Lothian St, Edinburgh, EH1 1HB
How much: Big plates from £6.50

Being vegetarian or vegan can narrow your choices down for places to eat. But, lucky for us, we have Paradise Palms. Located on Lothian Street, it’s quirky, over the top record-shop-come-resturant setting will definitely get conversations flowing. 

5. For a foodie date


Where: Amarone, 12-13 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh, EH2 2AF
How much: Pasta from £9.95

Dinner dates can be tricky — they’re often expensive and don’t always suit everyone’s tastes. Let’s face it, you probably didn’t mention in your Tinder bio that you have a nut allergy and don’t like spicy food. So why not go somewhere like Amarone? It’s very reasonable and has a beautiful setting. The toilets are located in a massive bank vault, but don’t have too many of their awesome cocktails or else you won’t be able to get down the spiral staircase that leads to them. They serve fine dining at a reasonable price, making it a number one spot for a first date.

6. For a swanky date

The Dome

Where: The Dome, 14 George St, New Town, Edinburgh, EH2 2PF
How much: Main meals from £15

If you’re really looking to impress someone special, then it’s Amarone’s neighbour that you want to visit. The Dome is easily one of the swankiest restaurants in the area, so kit yourself out in your Sunday best before you step in here. Their gold and Swarovski crystal chandeliers and opulent domed ceiling will show anyone that you mean business. You can pick between a meal in The Grill Room, a cocktail in the Front Bar or afternoon tea in the Georgian Tea Room, so however you want to spoil someone you can at The Dome.

7. For a boozy date

Candy Bar

Where: Candy Bar, 113-115 George St, Edinburgh, EH2 4JN
How much: Cocktails from £6.95

Whoever said the way to a student’s heart wasn’t through alcohol was wrong. Sometimes on a first date, a little Dutch courage is all you need to break the ice, so why not try grabbing a cocktail at Candy Bar? They’ve got an amazing selection of sweet cocktails (and craft beers for those who don’t want sugar sweats on a date). With reasonable prices and a good selection of food on offer, Candy Bar could be a quirky venue for a first date or a fifth date.

8. For a gory date

Surgeon's Hall Museums

Where: Surgeon’s Hall Museums, Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9DW
How much: £4 for students, £7 for adults

Now, this one isn’t for the faint of heart but if you want a really different idea for a Tinder date, then Surgeon’s Hall Museums will either fascinate you or leave you feeling queasy. It’s exactly what the name suggests, an old surgeon’s corporation. As one of the oldest in the world, with roots as far back as the 1500s, it now houses medical curiosities to marvel at. If you’ve got a stomach of steel or don’t want to take your date for dinner afterwards, then this is your venue. Just make sure your date knows what they’re getting themselves into, you don’t want to go in on a full stomach, believe me!

9. For a non-native

Famous Ghost Tour

Where: Locations vary
How much: The Famous Ghost Tour is £6

This ones good if your date isn’t from Edinburgh (traitor!). Taking them for a tour around your favourite city is a pretty cheap way of getting to know someone while also stopping in at all your own favourite places. But if you want to take the preparation off yourself, you could always join a walking tour (they range from ghost walks to literary tours) or if it’s raining outside (which it normally is in Edinburgh) then you could try a gin or whisky tour. Sample the local tipples and get to know each other afterwards, sounds like a brilliant afternoon.

10. For a theatre buff

The Lyceum Theatre

Where: The Lyceum Theatre, 30b Grindlay St, Edinburgh EH3 9AX
How much: Prices vary by show

The Lyceum Theatre offers great shows with student discount tickets that don’t leave you sitting in the rafters. It’s a little more highbrow than going to the cinema but you can still try the cheesy yawn/arm around the date trick. Edinburgh is packed with loads of theatres so one of them is bound to be showing a production that you’ll both be interested in, and that way you can enjoy a glass of wine and kick back and let some actors do the hard work for you. But if you’re really trying to impress someone, the Lyceum is the best venue in town.