Edinburgh is an exciting and busy city that is full of activities and venues that make for the perfect date night. Whether you want to just grab a drink together or immerse yourself in the city’s history, Edinburgh has something that will be perfect for you. Here are 15 of the best date ideas in Edinburgh.

1. The Royal Observatory


Our first date idea in Edinburgh is The Royal Observatory. At the top of Blackford Hill, The Royal Observatory provides the perfect opportunity to watch the stars together and wonder at the vastness of the universe. This makes for a very original date idea, and if your date is interested in space and the night sky, be sure to go on one of the nights when they host astronomy talks – perfect for any science lover!

2. Maison de Moggy


Get to know each other over a cup of coffee whilst you enjoy the company of our feline friends. This is the perfect date idea in Edinburgh for cat lovers. Maison de Moggy provides a relaxed environment in which to get to know someone and the cute cats will break up any awkward silences with their inquisitive minds.

3. The Stand


If you’re looking for a date night idea in Edinburgh that’s not too serious, then The Stand Comedy Club is perfect for you. The club will be sure to remove any awkwardness between the two of you and will provide a night full of laughter that is sure to make a memorable date. If you’re looking for a date idea on a budget, then The Stand is perfect as its lunchtime shows are free.

4. Lucky Liquor Co


Next on our list of the best date ideas in Edinburgh is Lucky Liquor Co. This quirky bar, which also features in our hidden bars in Edinburgh article, is set in the style of a sixties kitchen, and you will wonder how you ever walked past it before with its bright neon sign outside. The bar has an everchanging menu of thirteen different cocktails including the likes of their ‘Mr Magoo’ cocktail, which is with Scotch whisky, coffee and caramel corn syrup. Lucky Liquor is well within walking distance of the city centre and will be the setting of a memorable night with good drinks and music.

5. Hoot the Redeemer


Another great bar for a date night idea in Edinburgh, this venue is like no other. Entry to this hidden bar is through a tarot door which asks you a question before you enter, instantly making your experience different from any other bar in Edinburgh. If you simply cannot decide what drink you want (there are so many to choose from) you can have a shot on their Pinch ‘n’ Sip claw machine which will select your drink for you.

6. Bike Ride

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to explore the city is by bike. For this date idea in Edinburgh, simply grab your bike (or if you do not have one, you can hire one for the day) and pedal around the city, taking in all the sites as you go. This date idea gives you both complete control over what you see and do. If you do not fancy cycling in the busy Edinburgh streets, then you could make your way over to Portobello beach and enjoy a cycle with sea views.

7. Christmas Markets

If you’re looking for a festive date idea in Edinburgh, then a trip to Edinburgh’s Christmas Markets is sure to get the romance flowing. With so much good food on offer and bright lights to watch, the markets provide an atmosphere that is unlike anything else. There is so much to do in the markets that it can occupy a couple for a whole day, never mind just a date night.

8. Dominion

Dominion Edinburgh

The cinema is the perfect date idea in Edinburgh for those who like a more relaxed setting for their date nights. To make the experience even more enjoyable, then you should take your date to Dominion for a cinema experience that is unlike any other. They have sofas, footrests and little tables beside your seats to make your trip to the cinema as comfortable as possible – you’ll hardly believe that you are not watching a film in the comfort of your own home!

9. Visit a museum


Our next date idea in Edinburgh is to enjoy a visit to one of the city’s museums. Edinburgh has a wide range of museums on offer so you could spend an entire day just rambling through them. The National Museum of Scotland is a great choice for a date in Edinburgh as entry is free and there is a range of exhibits on everything from Ancient Egypt to fashion and space. However, if you are looking for a museum on a more niche subject, then Edinburgh has plenty of those. Edinburgh has museums on every subject you could think of, including the National War Museum, The Writer’s Museum and the Museum of Childhood.

10. Escape Rooms


There won’t be any awkward silences on your date if you pick an escape room. You will have to work together with your date to crack the clues to escape, and you are sure to realise instantly in such a situation whether you work well together or not. As one of our best date ideas in Edinburgh, escape rooms offer a different way to get to know each other and provide a fun experience that will get your brains thinking.

11. Tour of Edinburgh Gin distillery

Screenshot 2020-08-20 at 17.12.47

If you are a fan of gin, then this is the perfect date idea in Edinburgh for you. This date idea is more than just getting to know each other over some drinks, as you can immerse yourselves in the gin creation process and enjoy a gin-tasting session at the end. It won’t break the bank either, as this tour and tasting session only costs £10 per person, making for a cheap and intellectual date.

12. Edinburgh Castle

Source: Visit Scotland

This is the perfect date idea in Edinburgh for those who love history. Explore the castle grounds and enjoy the stunning views it offers out over to the city, and brush up on your knowledge of the city’s history with a tour around the castle. Young Scot cardholders also gain a reduced entry fee into Edinburgh Castle for only £1, making it one of the cheapest date ideas out there.

13. Sunsets from Arthur’s Seat

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One of our favourite date ideas in Edinburgh is to take a hike to Arthur’s Seat. Whilst the 251-metre climb is steep, it will most certainly be worth it once you reach the top and get to see the magnificent views of the city from its peak, especially if you complete your climb at sunset. The peaceful atmosphere at the top of Arthur’s Seat and the orange sunset over the city will provide a romantic atmosphere that is bound to impress.

14. Voodoo show

Enjoying an evening at The Voodoo Rooms is one of our top date ideas in Edinbrugh. The Voodoo Rooms is an award-winning restaurant and bar offering a variety of different forms of entertainment. Enjoy your food and drink whilst watching a cabaret show or listening to some blues music. Whatever is being performed, you and your date will be sure to enjoy it immensely.

15. A picnic in the park

Princes St Gardens
Source: Wikipedia

For our final date idea in Edinburgh, take your lunch and picnic blanket down to Princes Street Gardens and watch the world go by. Enjoy the last of the summer sun with some lemonade and get to know your date better in one of Edinburgh’s prettiest spots.


Try one of these ideas for your next date in Edinburgh. From bars to escape rooms to museums to hikes, Edinburgh has the perfect date for you.