Have you always been fascinated by professional wine tasters? Intrigued by their knowledge of the drinks? Or how they can distinguish the most subtle of differences in taste and smell? Or would you simply like to learn a cool new skill with which you can impress your friends? Either way, a wine tasting might be the thing for you! If you live nearby, try these places for wine tasting in Edinburgh!

Pouring a glass of red wine
Source: Tuğba Kobal Yılmaz- Pexels

1. Lothian Wine School

Lothian Wine School is a local educational wine company offering wine tastings and different courses. For most of them, no prior knowledge is required. However, there are also offers available for people with more experience in the field. Events are held at two different venues in the centre of Edinburgh, the Crowne Plaza Hotel and, fittingly, the Hotel du vine. Both are easily accessible via public transport, so you should have no problems getting to your wine tasting session. Due to Covid-19, all events are currently cancelled, but the Wine School will reopen once Edinburgh becomes a Tier 2 zone.

2. Wine Unearthed

Wine Unearthed offers wine tasting courses in Edinburgh suitable for all levels of experience. By booking a course, you embark on a full day of learning, talking about and, of course, drinking wine. A three-course meal is included in the price. At the end of the day, you also receive a “World of Wine” notebook that you can take home, which includes information about all major grape varieties and key wine regions. With the course itself, you have a choice between two different options. If you want to participate in the course “Vine to Wine”, you get to learn about the variety of wine styles and take a closer look at how they are produced. You will also be taught how to taste and analyse wine professionally. On the other hand, by taking the course “World of Wine”, you will get a well-rounded wine tasting course, which includes learning about major vines from all around the world and their key characteristics. Both of the courses involve the tasting of 15 different sample wines.

Pouring of wine

3. Bibo Wine & Events

Bibo Wine & Events offers private and corporate wine tasting events in Edinburgh and its surroundings. They are bookable for all kinds of parties and celebrations with no prior knowledge or experience required from the participants. The sessions prioritise relaxed and informal teaching, so you get to learn all about wine tasting while still being able to enjoy yourself at the party.

4. Bacco Wine Bar

Bacco Wine Bar is a small wine bar and shop in Edinburgh, located on Dundee Street. They offer a selection of quality wines produced by smaller Italian brands. Usually, wine tasting sessions take place in the bar every Wednesday. However, after the bar had to close due to lockdown earlier this year, they came up with another idea: virtual wine tasting. Prior to the session, a sample of six wines is delivered to your home, which you then learn to taste in an online Zoom meeting. Even though it may sound funny at first, this is a great way to experience wine tasting in times of Covid-19, without the need to leave the safety of your own home. By taking part, you also support the Bacco Wine Bar, which, like most gastronomy facilities, suffers greatly from the pandemic.

So, regardless of what your motivations to try wine tasting are – a life-long fascination for wine or the wish to learn something new – there are several wine schools and companies in Edinburgh where you can make this wish come true. Whether you want to wait for the venues to reopen again or if you decide to join an online course – wine tasting will definitely be a unique way to learn something while having lots of fun!