Edinburgh as a capital city is extremely well-connected to the rest of the UK. Waverley train station and Edinburgh airport can get you to the other side of Britain in a matter of hours. However, the public transport in Edinburgh is also really good at getting your around the city! We’ve got some of the best hints and tips for your own guide to Edinburgh’s public transport!


If you have just flown into Edinburgh, the tramline is the perfect public transport to use!

The trams run from 05.32am to 11.32pm from St Andrew’s Square (to Edinburgh Airport). From Edinburgh Airport to St Andrew’s Square, the trams run from 06.18am to 10.48pm.

Source: Josh Klassen, Pexels

Passing Murrayfield Stadium, Haymarket and heading into the centre of the city, the trams provide efficient travelling in Edinburgh using public transport. Ticket prices range from £1.80 to £6.50 for adults and £0.90 to £3.30 for children. However, if you have a Scottish Entitlement Card, then you can ride the tram for free! This also includes Young Scot National Entitlement cards. Any Edinburgh resident under 22 years old can be granted a Young Scot card, issued by the Edinburgh City Council.

In general, trams in Edinburgh run every seven minutes, which make them a really effective mode of public transportation. Trams run from 5.32am until 23.32pm, so you can ride around all day to make the most of living in Edinburgh.


Edinburgh Waverley is the main train station in Edinburgh, located in the heart of the city centre on Princes Street. Connecting Edinburgh to the rest of Scotland’s Central Belt and the rest of the UK, trains are an essential element of public transport. There are direct trains running from Edinburgh to London, Glasgow, Manchester and more! The other main train station in Edinburgh is Haymarket, which can alternatively connect you to Western Scotland and areas north of Edinburgh, such as Fife. Trains can allow you easy access to so many other amazing sites in Scotland outside of Edinburgh!

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Although you cannot use your Young Scot card for free train travel, railcards are a good alternative investment. Costing an average of £20-£30, railcards can provide you with a discount of up to 33%. A railcard is a worthwhile investment, particularly for students using public transport frequently in Edinburgh. Within the first few train journeys, you will save enough money to cover the cost of the railcard.


bus are great modes of public transport in edinburgh
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One form of efficient public transport in Edinburgh is the buses. They can be unreliable during busier points of the year, such as the Fringe Festival. However, on average, the Edinburgh bus system is efficient and really easy to use. There are over 50 routes within Edinburgh, including the 24-hour Airlink bus service which runs to and from Edinburgh Airport. An adult single ticket is only £1.80, and a child single ticket is £0.90. However, if you are planning multiple trips then a Day Ticket for £4.50 may prove better value for money.

Alternatively, any Young Scot Entitlement card holder can ride any bus for free in Edinburgh, except for night buses.

Young Scot National Entitlement Card

For anyone living in Scotland under 22 years old, you are eligible for a Young Scot card. Particularly in Edinburgh, this is useful for public transport discounts, such as free bus and tram travel. Through Edinburgh City Council you can apply and be granted a card. Even if you are not born and raised in Scotland, you are eligible. So, this is a perfect opportunity for any university students needing to save money!