Have you ever sat daydreaming in the library, staring at the scratched initials on the desk you’re at and wonder whose mouldy chewing gum that could be? Well, wonder no more. Unifresher has done some painstaking, extensive research into the notable alumni of the city’s universities. So settle into your swimming pool inflatable, grab a glass of Moët and find out which celebrities studied in Edinburgh.

Sir Chris Hoy

There is no gold medal for guessing which degree Sir Chris Hoy graduated with from Edinburgh University in 1999. That’s right – sports science. However, the Edinburgh native could have taken a very different route with his degree, as he initially studied maths at St Andrews before returning to the capital to pursue his passion for cycling. Not just the owner of arguably the strongest thighs in Scotland, he’s also accumulated six gold medals and one silver from record-breaking performances throughout his career. His most memorable win was at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing where he became the first British athlete in 100 years to win three gold medals at one game, securing his place as one of Britain’s greatest athletes.


Michael McIntyre

In 2012 McIntyre was named the world’s biggest-selling comedian, earning around £21million that year alone – not bad for someone who dropped out of Edinburgh University. Initially planning on graduating with a degree in science and pursuing a career in that field, he dropped out after one year to pursue scriptwriting and comedy – and has been laughing his trademark chuckle all the way to the bank since. Aside from his hugely successful tours, he is also a popular and regular guest on many TV shows such as Mock The Week, 8 Out Of 10 Cats, Have I Got News For You, The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year and Would I Lie To You? to name a few.


Irvine Welsh

Welsh is the author of some of the well written yet unapologetically rude novels of the 20th century, becoming a household name with Trainspotting. The film version of the book was released in 1996 and starred a young Ewan McGregor and Jonny Lee Miller, both of whom would go on to become hugely successful actors after the film earned ‘classic’ status. Although Welsh was born in Edinburgh, he fled to London as a teenager to embrace the emerging punk scene, returning to his home city in the late ’80s to study for an MBA at Heriot-Watt University. He has since published a further eight novels, including Trainspotting sequel Porno, which filmmakers also plan to take to the big screen. Scenes are currently being filmed around Edinburgh, so stay on the lookout for Sick Boy and co!


Catriona Shearer

She’s the inspiration for many journalism students and it all started at Edinburgh’s very own Napier University. After graduating in 2003, Shearer’s career has gone from strength to strength. She joined BBC Radio 5, as a journalist and producer of programmes including the Weekend Breakfast show. Currently, she presents Reporting Scotland’s breakfast bulletins and occasionally the evening news as well as featuring as a guest reporter for The Sun. An avid music and sports fan, she has also been known to fill in for regular hosts of BBC Radio Scotland’s Off The Ball show and also contributes to music magazine Gigwise.


Gillian McKeith

Love her or hate her, she has been one of the most entertaining contestants ever to brave the Australian jungle in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Though McKeith doesn’t actually hold a degree in nutrition, she did receive one in linguists from the University of Edinburgh in 1981. Her book You Are What You Eat sold two million copies in the first year of its release. She’s best known for encouraging people to eat healthily and making you feel guilty for that extra doughnut, appearing on shows such as Supersize Vs Superskinny, You Are What You Eat and the rather harshly titled Three Fat Brides, One Thin Dress.