Edinburgh is a gorgeous city and it has recently found itself receiving more and more attention as people have begun to notice its aesthetic nature, incredible nightlife, and beautiful scenery. But does it have anything for beach lovers? Well the answer is yes, so read on for a comprehensive list of The best beaches near Edinburgh.

1. Cramond Beach

How far away from Edinburgh? 5.9 miles

Crammond Beach near Edinburgh
Source: Visit Scotland

Cramond is a bus ride away from Edinburgh city center and has a vast beach with a causeway that leads to Cramond Island at low tide. The beach is sandy and wide, and the village of Cramond is perfect for those looking for a quaint seaside experience. The village even has a Roman Fort and a walled Garden Park for visitors to explore.

2. Portobello Beach

How far away is it from Edinburgh? 3.4 miles

Portobello beach near edinburgh
Source: Pinterest

Portobello Beach, sometimes referred to as ‘Porty Beach’ is one of the most popular beaches in and around Edinburgh. It is a short bus journey away from the city center and is an incredibly cute, traditional seaside town. The beach itself is over 2km long and there are ample amusement arcades around to keep you busy!

3. North Berwick Beach

How far away is it from Edinburgh? 24.3 miles

North Berwick beach near Edinburgh
Source: Time Out

North Berwick has very impressive scenery. It has the real drama of the Scottish countryside paired with the beauty of the seaside. With dramatic walkways and Law Hill, it is a great place to spend the day. The town itself has restaurants, galleries, and shops so that if you’re not up for a day on the beach, you’ll still have plenty to do.

4. Seacliff Beach

How far away is it from Edinburgh? 30.2 miles

Seacliff Beach near edinburgh
Source: Walk Highlands

Seacliff Beach is actually a private beach, but the owner lets people access it for only £3. Since it’s privately owned, it’s generally pretty quiet and is the perfect place to spend some time away from all of the crowds of Edinburgh and the other local beaches. You can admire the ruins of Tantallon Castle and there is plenty to do nearby, too.

5. Belhaven Bay

How far away is it from Edinburgh? 28.8 miles

Belhaven Bay near Edinburgh
Source: Walk Highlands

Just a short walk away from Dunbar train station, Belhaven Bay has incredibly beautiful sandy beaches, dunes, and brilliantly beautiful views. From Belhaven Bay, you can see out towards Forth Estuary, or if you’re a doer, not a relaxer, you can do some surfing or swimming. It’s a popular destination for both, and there are even lessons hosted there on a regular basis.

6. Silver Sands 

How far away is it from Edinburgh? 20 miles

Silver Sand beach near edinburgh
Source: Day Out With The Kids

Silver Sands is a beach in Fife that got its name from its gorgeous silvery sands. The beach has breathtaking views out over Forth, Inchcolm, and Inchmickery. It is a hotspot for watersports and is perfect for kayaking, windsurfing, or a swim. It is a small beach but it is definitely one that is worth a visit.

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