Freshers’ week can be a scary time. Surrounded by new people, places and experiences can be quite overwhelming. But not to worry: TUP are here to give you some tips before entering freshers’ week in Edinburgh, so you can be at least a little prepared.

1. The clubs are further away than you may think.

Although Google Maps may say that The Liquid Room is only a 30 minute walk away from halls, mix that with your inebriated state and new heels and suddenly that 30 minute walk is now nearly an hour longer than expected and the line to get in is all the way down the street.

I suggest either getting a bus or taxi to your destination but if you want to spare the expense of using public transport, make sure you leave your accommodation earlier than you think you should.

2. The 3:30am Princes Street McDonald’s queue

We all know the feeling of hunger that comes upon you as soon as the cold, 3am Edinburgh air hits you while stumbling out of Why Not. Obviously, there is nothing better than a burger and chips or a happy meal to suppress your hunger. However, the drunken fast food-filled dreams are somewhat flattened as you reach the promised land only to find that every other clubber in Edinburgh has had the same idea as you.

This results in a 45 minute wait to get in the door while hysterically crying to your newfound friends because all you wanted was a chicken nugget-not attractive!


3. Trying to get a taxi is nearly impossible

After eventually getting your McDonald’s and sitting eating it on Princes Street one of your friends decides to call city cabs only to be told that there will be a 30 minute wait until a taxi could get to you. The idea of walking back to your accommodation is not even an option due to being in heels for hours and trying to figure out a bus timetable in an unfamiliar city when you can barely see your own hand in front of your face proves difficult.

To avoid this problem from happening, it’s definitely worth your while to either book a taxi prior to going out or to familiarise yourself with the timetable of the bus that will take you back to the accommodation but be aware that the bus that will be running is a night bus and is more expensive than the ones that run during the day so make sure you have the right change!


4. Have Fun!

Although going out every night of freshers week may seem like a lot more than your liver can handle just remember that your 18+ years old and this is the part of your life where you can drink way too much and make a complete fool of yourself but still have a great laugh about it the next day. Get it out of your system now before exams are upon you and its time to start getting serious.