Edinburgh is full of places to go out at night; most great, some not so much. If you’re a newbie to the city and want to know where it’s at, you have come to the right place. Whether you’re a drum and bass lad or you’re up to get down to some R&B tunes, there’s a spot in the city for you. Here we’ve got a list of ten of some of the best clubs in Edinburgh, all of which have something special to offer.

1. Sneaky Pete’s

This venue proves that size really doesn’t matter. Though it is by far the smallest club on this list, any night at Sneaky Pete’s is brimming with fun. You’re best to go when there’s live music rather than a DJ, expect a tight squeeze but a crowd of people excited to have a great night.

2. 4042

Source: Out Out

Ping pong and alcohol-a winning combination? At 4042, the answer is definitely! By far the best place in Edinburgh for Hip-Hop, this club is like no other. A brilliant idea for a weekend night out with the entire flat, you can grab a table and try out their vast selection of speciality liquors. If you like beer pong though, you’re in luck as they have tables built for that too!

3. Lulu

Source: Edinburgh Live

In no less than a stunningly chic and classic Georgian building, Lulu is one of the classiest clubs in Scotland’s capital. Inside interiors are just as opulent as the outside, but the cocktail bar is what has made this club so busy and popular with students and locals alike. Check out their In-House Cocktail Club before you head out so you can coordinate your Instagram #cheers boomerang!

4. Club Tropicana

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but always a night you’ll remember. Club Tropicana is for anyone who is a lover of 80’s music, whether it be Wham, Toto, Eurythmics or even a touch of Kenny Loggins. Be prepared for people in fancy dress, lots of stag and hen parties, but a whole load of fun. It helps too that it’s right next door to the Caley Picture House Wetherspoons, the biggest and nicest in Edinburgh!

5. Cabaret Voltaire

Cabaret Voltaire

The joy of clubbing in Edinburgh is that so many venues are converted vaults and basements; this is one of the best. With swanky interiors and plenty of atmosphere, the Cab Vol is perfect for a midweek night out. Every so often you’ll catch some pretty good local bands performing in here, but if DJs are more your thing, they have that too.

6. Atik

Edinburgh Live
Source: Edinburgh Live

When dark falls on Tollcross, Atik brings the night to life. Three rooms, a colourful dancefloor which features on Trainspotting 2 and great DJs, it’s no wonder this place is always heaving. It’s changed names a few times over the years, but Atik continues to be an important fixture in the Edinburgh clubbing world. Keep an eye out for their themed events throughout the year.

7. The Liquid Rooms

You might want to bring along a map for this place! With 800-capacity, this converted church boasts two floors of music. DJ nights are its main game, but when bands on tour come to Edinburgh, you can bet they’ll perform here. Names like Kaiser Chiefs, Black Eyed Peas, Calvin Harris, The Courteneers and many others have taken to the stage; you’re certain to have a brilliant time here.

8. Bongo Club

The Bongo Club
Source: The Skinny

This spot is so much more than just a nightclub. With international acclaim, The Bongo Club is referred to as being somewhat of an ‘artistic hub’. You’ll see all sorts going on in here: DJ sets, live music and especially during fringe months quirky workshops and taster sessions. During the week though, Bongo is a notorious student club with an eclectic mix of house classics, electric funk and good ol’ drum and bass.

9. Why Not

Why Not
Source: Trip Advisor

Perfect if you like your clubs to have an air of luxury. WhyNot is by far one of the priciest on this list, but prestige and quality doesn’t grow on trees. Often filled with budding Instagram influencers, the LED room is not to be missed for that #galsnightout selfie. Best on a Monday, great any night of the week.

10. The Hive Nightclub

Famed for being pop sensation Lewis Capaldi’s favourite spot in Edinburgh, there’s no place quite like Hive. Free entry most nights, cheesy tunes and a sweaty mess, it has grown to become one of the most popular clubs in Edinburgh. A place to dance with best friends, get cheap drinks and tick the HiveTillFive challenge off your uni bucket list, this one is the old heart of the Edinburgh club scene.