Being veggie is hard enough, but being lumped with the mushroom risotto option every time you go out to eat is hardly fair.

So, here are some new restaurants to jazz up your dining.

1. Hendersons Vegan


Heads up, don’t go to the wrong one! Hendersons offer both vegan and non-vegetarian restaurants, but their vegan food has been raved about for years by die-hard herbivores.

2. Kalpna


Get a little spice in your diet with Kalpna, a vegetarian Indian restaurant that specialises in South Indian cuisine.

3. Harmonium


Harmonium offer a well-rounded menu for both veggie and vegan customers to enjoy. Even if you just want to pop in for drinks, they’ve got you sorted!

4. Brochan

Looking for awesome veggie breakfasts? Then this is your kind of place! Brochan offers overnight oats, granola and jazzy porridge flavours like espresso and chocolate or rose and rhubarb.


All images are taken from the restaurants’ Facebook page