Thrifting is a recent fashion trend that is here to stay. Although cheaper thrift shops are few and far between in the UK, charity shops are a great alternative! Whether you are donating or buying, you are doing your bit for those in need. Edinburgh is a great charity shopping destination and for those who love a bargain, it is the perfect place! Discover the best charity shops in Edinburgh from our student guide below!


Raeburn Place

charity shops in Edinburgh
Source: British Heart Foundation,

Not only is Stockbridge a picturesque part of Edinburgh, with a weekly market and quaint cafes, but it is also home to a great range of charity shops!

Along Raeburn Place you will find most of Stockbridge’s charity shops. As this is an affluent Edinburgh area, they are well-stocked with brands such as Zara and other retail designer labels.

If you love searching for knick-knacks amongst the bric-a-brac sections, The British Heart Foundation charity shop is worth a visit. Additionally, if you’re on the prowl for your next good read, the Oxfam Book Shop has plenty of choice!

Deanhaugh Street

Down the road from Raeburn Place, you will find the DEBRA UK Charity shop. Dedicated to supporting those suffering with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), the DEBRA shop has a well-rounded selection of items, from clothing to board games and books.


Nicholson Street

charity shops in Edinburgh
Source: Save the Children Charity Shop,

By far the busiest road for charity shops in Edinburgh is Nicholson Street in Newington. A student favourite for charity shopping, you will find some astonishing bargains at the vast number of charity shops located in Newington.

For those with a higher budget, Save the Children is a newly refurbished charity shop. With carefully selected pieces and higher prices, Save the Children charity shop is a treasure chest of vintage dresses and jackets.

Another popular Nicholson Street option is the British Heart Foundation, which has a quick turnover of stock and a great range of clothing.

South Bridge

Further down on South Bridge, you will find the Marie Curie charity shop. Named after the first woman to win a Nobel prize, this charity helps people and their families who have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses. Bright and finely finished, the Marie Curie charity shop is a great pit-stop in searching for clothing pieces.


Morningside Road

charity shops in Edinburgh
Source: Shops in Morningside,

Another affluent area of Edinburgh, Morningside’s charity shops are overflowing with vintage clothing and good quality bric-a-brac.

With nine charity shops along Morningside Road, there are plenty of shops to check out. The British Red Cross shop, part of the humanitarian aid charity British Red Cross, has a wide variety of both clothing and books.

The Save the Children charity shop further down the road has an average of 4.8 stars on Google Reviews. Praised for its good quality clothing section and vast collection of DVDs, this is a charity shop to visit soon!

Charity shopping not only gives back to charities and thus those in need, but it is also a more sustainable choice. With environmental benefits and cheaper prices, charity shopping is must-try for any Edinburgh student.