Running is great way to exercise and with running clubs, you can also socialise and get to know other runners! Whether you are new to the city or an old hand at jogging around the Meadows, Edinburgh has plenty of clubs to try. Discover a new way to explore the city, with our following list of running clubs in Edinburgh!

Hunters Bog Trotters

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Source: Hunters Bog Trotters

Welcoming runners of any ability, the Hunters Bog Trotters are a sociable club that hold multiple weekly sessions. Thursdays are for interval training sessions, fondly referred to as ‘Trotter Training’ or ‘TT’. Additionally, on Wednesday evenings, the Trottettes meet for a casual run around the meadows. After most runs, members of the running club will follow up with dinner or post-run drinks at a local pub in Edinburgh. If you’re looking for a community of like-minded individuals, the Hunters Bog Trotters are the club for you!

Carnethy Hill Running Club

Running Clubs in Edinburgh
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With over 600 members, Carnethy Hill Running Club is one of the leading UK clubs and Scotland’s largest hill running club. It’s also one of the best running clubs in Edinburgh to join. Run alongside other recreational runners amidst World Champions on their many weekend trips travelling across the country! Carnethy’s main values are proclaimed as inclusion, respect, community, safety, and environment and this sets the tone for their reputation as an open and diverse community. Membership for the club is only £18.00 per person.

Portobello Running Club

Running Clubs in Edinburgh
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If you enjoy running along the beachside near Edinburgh, then the Portobello Running Club is for you! They have a regular schedule of running every Wednesday night and you can attend your first night for free to test out the environment for yourself! They also offer three different training sessions a week, providing you with flexibility in your schedule. Until you pay the £20 membership fee, Wednesday sessions will cost you only £1.00 per week! This is definitely a good club to try-out before committing to one.

Edinburgh Running Network

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Source: Edinburgh Running Network

Offering club activities and training for all abilities, the Edinburgh Running Club is a great option to choose for your next running club! Self-proclaimed as ‘Edinburgh’s friendliest running club’, their after-run activities would support this statement. With coffee and cake after their long Sunday runs and multiple fun-runs and club night outs per month, this club is great for social events! Whether you’re training for a marathon or just starting your running journey, the Edinburgh Running Network will welcome you with open arms.

We Run Edinburgh

Running Clubs in Edinburgh
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We Run Edinburgh is a women’s running community, focused on having fun, exploring the city and building confidence together. If you’re just starting out as a runner, We Run offer courses to help you improve your technique and stamina. And their Wednesday Social Runs allow you to get to know other people at the club, with the rule of no headphones encouraging chatting between you and your fellow runners!

Edinburgh is a great city to begin or continue your running journey. With so many running clubs in Edinburgh to choose from, you will almost certainly find the perfect fit for you! If you’re looking for other clubs to socialise with other students, check out the best societies in Edinburgh to join.