As a student, unfortunately studying is a major part of your university experience, and pulling long shifts or all-nighters at your campus library can get pretty monotonous after a while. Why not switch it up by taking your books over to one of Glasgow’s many great coffee shops? A change of scenery can do wonders for your brain, and a shot of caffeine on hand is a convenient added bonus! Here are ten of the best Glasgow coffee shops to study in.

1. Spitfire Espresso

Spitfire Espresso
Source: Spitfire Espresso

Address: 127 Candleriggs, Glasgow, G1 1NP

First up we have Spitfire Espresso, a delightful little coffee shop in the centre of Glasgow. With its cheerful red and pastel blue décor, high ceilings and hanging ball lights, it’s a sight for sore eyes on even the most miserable of study sessions, and their signature blend of Brazilian and Columbian coffee beans is to die for. There’s also an all-day breakfast menu on offer if you need some study fuel, and even craft beer if the caffeine wears off after a while. In a place like Spitfire, you’re guaranteed to produce some real bulletproof work.

2. Artisan Roast

Artisan Roast
Source: Artisan Roast Glasgow Instagram

Address: 15 Gibson Street, Glasgow, G12 8NU

Artisan Roast is the coffee spot of your hipster dreams, complete with leafy house plants, decorative coffee bags and charmingly mismatched furniture. While it certainly delivers on style, it delivers even more on substance, with great speciality coffee, some seriously impressive coffee art and a crack team of expert brewers dedicated to perfecting their craft. There’s no Wi-Fi in Artisan Roast, so this might not be the place for research, but it means you can switch off from your phone and make a dent in your set reading without the distraction of social media. A perfect spot for true coffee lovers.

3. Tinderbox

Source: Tinderbox Espresso

Address: 118 Ingram Street, Merchant City, Glasgow, G1 1EJ

No matter where you find yourself in Glasgow, you’re never too far away from a Tinderbox, one of Glasgow’s most popular chain coffee shops. There are a number of locations throughout the city, with spots as central as Buchanan Street, and as far out as Byres Road. Tinderbox roasts its fresh coffee right in its Glasgow roastery, and has been serving the same tasty coffee recipe with pride since 1998 – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Tinderbox also has some great food on offer for if you work up an appetite – the cheese and ham French toast sandwich is a must – and on top of that, much of its produce is sourced from small local businesses and suppliers!

4. Café W

Address: 174-176 Argyle Street, Glasgow, G2 8BT

What is it about being surrounded by books that really gets you in the mood to learn? Whatever it is, Café W has got it in spades. Situated right in the heart of Waterstone’s bookshop, Café W is a great place to set up camp, with comfy armchairs and sofas and a selection of affordable coffees and hot drinks that’ll keep you powered for hours. There are three storeys of bookshelves to peruse when you need to take a break or fancy buying a book that’s related to your course, and the knowledgeable staff are on-hand to help if you want to impress your lecturer with some secondary reading.

5. iCafe

Source: iCafe Instagram

Address: 70-72 Ingram Street, Glasgow, G1 1EX

Sometimes when that dreaded deadline is looming, all you need is a place to charge your laptop and your mind as you power through those final 100 words. With iCafe, there are no fancy bells or whistles – just a stable Wi-Fi connection, some power outlets and an endless stream of caffeine. It’s the perfect spot for the times you just need to get your head down and get the job done, with no added distractions. What more could you ask for?

6. Paper Cup

Paper Cup
Source: Papercup Instagram

Address: 603 Great Western Road, Glasgow, G12 8HX

For those who like to work in silence, a big busy coffee shop can be a challenge – a place like Paper Cup might be more your cup of coffee. It’s small, with only a few indoor seats, meaning it never gets too busy or too noisy to interrupt your train of thought, and the minimalist décor makes the place feel like home. They also make great affordable coffee, which is roasted in-store using beans from Ethiopia, Puerto Rico and Guatemala, each with their own distinct flavour. Here’s a tip: get there early and snag the window seat – it’s the comfiest seat in the place, and you deserve a bit of comfort when you’re getting your work done.

7. The Steamie Coffee Roasters

The Steamie Coffee Roasters
Source: The Steamie ™️ Instagram

Address: 1024 Argyle Street, Finnieston, Glasgow, G3 8LX

Arguably one of the cosiest coffee shops in Glasgow, the Steamie is a quirky little haven tucked away in Finnieston, a hidden treasure unknown by many. The place is so inviting, with its soft, warm lighting, rustic wooden tables, mismatching chairs, haphazard wall décor and walls of raw wood and red brick. And it’s not just their décor that’s organic – they also source their produce locally and ethically, meaning you don’t need to feel too guilty when you indulge in a coffee and one of their many delicious cakes and their coffee is made in small batches, so you know you’re getting good quality stuff. The Steamie truly makes studying feel a little more bearable.

8. Gordon Street Coffee

Gordon Street Coffee
Source: Gordon St Coffee Instagram

Address: Glasgow Central Station, 79 Gordon Street, Glasgow, G1 3SQ

We all know how grim the morning commute into the city can be; whether you live just outside Glasgow or further afield, an early morning train is not the nicest way to start your day. Luckily, Gordon Street Coffee is right next to the Glasgow Central train station, ready to welcome you back to the city with a warm brew. Enjoy a coffee roasted in store and a delicious cake or sandwich and prepare for your day of lectures and seminars, or start drafting that essay that’s been hanging over your head all week.

9. Where the Monkey Sleeps

Where the Monkey Sleeps
Source: Where the Monkey Sleeps Instagram


Address: 340 Argyle Street, Glasgow, G2 8LY

Where the Monkey Sleeps is a chill little underground café as unique as its name suggests – the roughly plastered walls are covered with cool posters and locally supplied artwork. Solitary lightbulbs hang from the high industrial-looking ceilings. The menu stocks everything from coffee and freshly blended smoothies to their trademark sandwiches and bagels. Even the music is specially curated into monthly Spotify playlists, meaning you can leave the earphones at home. And as if it couldn’t get any better, unsold food and a portion of their profits go to the Glasgow City Mission, so you’ll be doing a good deed just by going in and grabbing a hot drink. It truly is one of Glasgow’s hidden gems and an inviting and comforting place to study.

10. Kember and Jones

Kember and Jones
Source: Kember and Jones Instagram

Source: Squaremeal

Address: 134 Byres Road, Glasgow, G12 8TD

Last and certainly not least, we have Kember and Jones, a chic little café on Byres Road in the trendy West End. Their coffee is expertly roasted in small batches of green coffee beans, and is said to be the perfect balance of “chocolate, caramel and toffee sweetness”. The café itself is just as appealing, sporting a pretty, minimalist décor, with bright wooden floors and white brick walls, and some lovely upstairs seating to settle down at with your laptop. If you pay Kember and Jones a visit, you absolutely have to try their pride and joy – their homemade artisan breads.