The Hillhead bar, Ubiquitous Chip, has won a national award for the best pub and bar in Glasgow. This unique casual drinking and dining spot has multiple bars, pubs, and a restaurant within one building! The upstairs bar is the venue of Ubiquitous Chip which has been named the best bar in Glasgow. However, there are other features that are not to be missed Continue reading to take a closer look at Glasgow’s favourite bar!

Where is it Located?

Hillhead Bar Crowned Best 'Pub and Bar' in Glasgow
Source: Ubiquitous Chip Facebook Page

Ubiquitous Chip is right on the end of Ashton Lane in Hillhead. This quaint street is a small, secret passageway connecting Hillhead Subway to Glasgow University’s Main Campus. It is home to some of the best Hillhead bars.

Ashton Lane is a student favourite for a more relaxed but enjoyable night out. It is a vintage lane with a lot of aesthetic bars and pubs, such as ‘Brel’ and ‘The Gardener’. Ashton Lane makes the perfect background for Instagram photos.

The Venues to Explore

This Hillhead hotspot is made up of three bars and two restaurants and they all are on different floors.

Hillhead Bar Crowned Best 'Pub and Bar' in GlasgowSource: Ubiquitous Chip Facebook Page

The Bars

The Bars are made up of The Corner Bar, The Wee Whisky Bar and of course, the award-winning, Upstairs Bar.

Each Bar has its own unique personality. The Corner Bar is very peaceful and has a lovely view of Ashton Lane wildlife. The Wee Whisky Bar is a very intimate space with a pub-like atmosphere. The Upstairs Bar is also available if you prefer a ‘fine dining experience.’

The Restaurants

The Main Restaurant invites you to try traditional Scottish food. The menu is made up of a series of ‘quirky’ dishes that are not served at many other places.

For when the weather is nice, there is The Rooftop Terrace. This cozy but beautiful terrace offers both ‘Alfresco drinks and dining’. It is the perfect blend of classy and peaceful.

Find out more about the bars and restaurants here!

Food and Drinks

Hillhead Bar Crowned Best 'Pub and Bar' in Glasgow
Source: Ubiquitous Chip Facebook Page

Ubiquitous Chip has some of the most inventive food and drinks menus.

As a result, their food menus have such vast variety. They serve many different menus, including A La Carte and tasting menus. There is even a separate vegetarian tasting menu. Take a closer look at these here!

They serve lots of uniquely created cocktails. Above is a snapshot of the ‘Turkish Delight’. This drink is a blending of vanilla, hibiscus, lime, and raspberry.


Hillhead Bar Crowned Best 'Pub and Bar' in Glasgow
Source: Ubiquitous Chip Facebook Page

This Hillhead bar hosts a wide range of events. Just some of these include:

The Westside Stories Monthly Book Club

This is the perfect opportunity to delve into some Scottish literature. Even more so when nibbles and wine are included.

The book club is hosted by Pip Osmond-Williams, who is a poet, publishing assistant and academic researcher, so it can be guaranteed that he really knows his stuff! The Sessions cost £20 per person and start on the 9th of June 2022. Moreover, the first session will involve book lovers taking a closer look at Mayflies by Andrew O’Hagan.

Songwriters Circle

Listen to Glasgow’s most talented songwriters in the Ubiquitous Chip between the hours of 6pm and 8pm every Wednesday. What’s more, you can even join in!

What Award did They Win?

Hillhead Bar Crowned Best 'Pub and Bar' in Glasgow
Source: Canva

The National Pub and Bar awards crowned Ubiquitous Chip the best Bar in Glasgow. This award company put their Upstairs Bar at the top of their list for the best bars in ‘South West Scotland’.

Therefore, this Hillhead Bar will compete against the winners from other locations for the best Pub or Bar in the UK! We wish them the best of luck.

Ubiquitous Chip is officially the best bar in Glasgow! We recommend you stop by and check out this trendy yet friendly bar!

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