For those visiting or living in Glasgow and wanting to visit a beach – you’re in luck. There are plenty of beautiful beaches near the city, so here are some of the best beaches near Glasgow.

1. Irvine Beach

How far away is it from Glasgow? 29.3 miles

irvine beach near glasgow
Source: Ayrshire and Arran

Irvine is a beach in Ayrshire in Scotland. It has a large stretch of sand, dunes, and grass with brilliant views of Arran and Ailsa Craig. The beach itself has a range of facilities including picnic sites, parking, and public toilets. Then, of course, there is also the town of Irvine itself, full of wonderful shops and pubs to explore.

2. Newton Beach

How far away is it from Glasgow? 36.4 miles

newton beach near glasgow
SourUK Beach Guide

Newton is a beach in Porthcawl merely 10 minutes walk away from the quaint and adorable Newton. Whether you spend the whole day on the beach or you wind up in Newton for a few pints after the sun sets, you can enjoy the miles of golden sand, rock pools, and dunes.

3. Pencil Beach

How far away is it from Glasgow? 31.7 miles

pencil beach near glasgow
Source: Day Out With The Kids

In the southern end of Largs, a classic seaside resort town, Pencil beach is a small and shallow bay. It is named after the Pencil monument which stands nearby and is a mix of sand, grass, and pebbles. There are brilliant views over the Firth of Clyde and if it is a clear day you can even see Little Cumbrae and Great Cumbrae.

4. Helensburgh Beach

How far away is it from Glasgow? 31.8 miles

helensburgh beach near glasgow
Source: Destination Helensburgh

Helensburgh Beach is in Strathclyde, and the beach overlooks the Upper Firth of Clyde. The views from this part of the coast are truly unmatched – you can see all the way across the bay to the Roseneath peninsula. Just behind the beach, there is a promenade packed with shops and cafes.

5. Wemyss Bay Beach 

How far away is it from Glasgow? 32.6 miles

Wemyss Bay beach near glasgow
Source: Eddie Dowes, Flickr

Whilst Wemyss Bay is not your typical sandy beach, the rock and shingle coastal destination looks out over Wemyss Bay and across to the wild countryside. It is a fantastic and relaxed beach that is away from the town and not a common spot. There are shops and cafes near the ferry terminal as well as stuff to do in the town itself.

6. Seamill Beach

How far away is it from Glasgow? 35.6 miles

Seamill Beach near glasgow
Source: Trip Advisor

Seamill is a long sandy beach with rocky patches and the occasional tuft of grass. There are a few small rockpools littered along the coast which are exposed at low tide. All of this makes the beach perfect for relaxing picnics or long seaside walks – whatever takes your fancy.

So, now you know all of the best beaches near Glasgow. If you’re looking for more things to do in the city itself, then you may want to check out our picks of the best hidden and secret bars in the city.