Here are the best secret and hidden bars in Glasgow! Tourists and even locals often miss these places that are hidden in plain sight. However, this guide will make sure you will not! This is your insight into the secret and hidden bars of Glasgow that are not to be missed.


Sloans, Glasgow, Secret and Hidden Bars in Glasgow
Source: Sloans Facebook Page

Sloans can be found hidden in Argyle Street. It is a beautiful pub that is tucked behind an archway, in between two phone shops.

The archway leads straight into Sloans’ beer garden, which is of a ‘rustic’ style. The beer garden sits in the middle of tall buildings, so it is closed off from any main roads or pavements. It is truly out of sight.

The inside bar can be entered through the outside seating area. It includes several floors. One floor is dedicated to a ‘Grand Ballroom’, which is often used as an incredibly unique but beautiful wedding venue.

Sloans offer events such as Musical Bingo, quizzes, and film events. This vintage pub often overlooked in Argyle Street, is a great meeting place for those who like to discover new things.


Speakeasy Glasgow, Secret and Hidden Bars in Glasgow
Source: Speakeasy Facebook Page

Speakeasy is a cocktail bar ‘hidden in plain sight’ in Merchant City. As well as cocktails, Speakeasy also serve food, including brunch on weekends. Their menu even includes vegetarian options, and they also serve a variety of desserts and mains.

With cocktails for just £4, Speakeasy makes for a fun but cheap night out. Booths can be pre-booked, and the bar is open from 5 pm to 12 am every night.

With a live DJ booked most nights, Speakeasy is perfect for a great night out, or pre-club drinks!

Kilts and Kocktails

Located on Sauchiehall Street, Kilts and Kocktails is a bar that can be tricky to find. However, when found, they offer you a great taste of Scottish culture and free entry every night.

They are open until 3 am and serve both food and drink. Shots can be bought for just £3! Bottled cocktails, including Venoms and Woo Woos, are even available to take away.

One of the best-hidden bars in Glasgow is Kilts and Kocktails. They give you the best of Scottish traditions within just one cocktail bar.

Tingle Bar

Tingle Bar, Secret and Hidden Bars in Glasgow
Source: Tingle Bar Facebook Page

Tingle Bar is located right on the end of Mitchel Street. It is a small but energetic bar with friendly staff. Clubbers and drink lovers often miss this hidden gem, but Tingle Bar is perfect for a ‘pre-club party’.

Their drinks are unbelievably cheap, at just £1 for vodka mixers during midweek days and only £2.50 on Friday to Sunday. They offer a variety of unique and imaginative shots at just £2! This includes the shot ‘council juice’, which is a mixture of Buckfast tonic and strawberry MD 20/20. Their bar really does have a lot of personality!

Tingle bar is also the go-to bar for club promoters. If you visit this bar, it is certain that you will pick up some free or discounted entry passes for nearby clubs!


NQ64, Secret and Hidden Bars in Glasgow Revealed!
Source: NQ64 Facebook Page

This next bar has a name that sounds more like a robot than a bar, making this underground club even more difficult to discover. NQ64 is an ‘arcade bar’ that is utterly unique from any other bar in Glasgow.

With ‘retro arcade games and classic consoles’, including Street Fighter, Mario Kart, Guitar Hero, and Space Invaders, NQ64 is the perfect place for vintage gaming! They even have themed drinks! These include the ‘Kirby’, which is made of pink gin, poppy liqueur, grapefruit, and vanilla. As well as the ‘Donkey Konlada’. Take a closer look at their drinks menu here!

There is no entry fee and consoles are free to play, but machines do take tokens. However, for just £7 you can buy fifteen tokens!

Decorated in street art, NQ64 has a great underground vibe. It is perfect for those who would like a unique night out in a hidden Glasgow bar.

Glasgow’s secrets have been revealed! These hidden bars are ones you will want to pay attention to on your next visit.

Glasgow’s best-hidden bars are unique from each other, and they give the city so much personality. It is certain that Glasgow is the city to visit if you have an eye for the weird and wonderful.

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